Tyres, MOT, And Servicing In Bolton

Tyres, MOT, And Servicing In Bolton

 The Arches Garage provides excellent services, including MOT. Vehicle maintenance is really crucial. Your vehicle’s service is scheduled according to its model and manufacture. A variety of parameters, such as mileage, are also taken into account. As a result, a time slot is assigned based on all of these considerations.


The Arches Garage offers a variety of automotive services, including:

A. Temporary services This includes fifty checks in all. As a result, this is a lengthy servicing procedure. This process includes the following checks:

  1. Examine the vehicle’s body for damage.
  2. Inspecting the wheels, tyres, and rims
  3. Examining the brakes

All of the exams are completed in a certain amount of time. We do not spend any more time.

B. Complete Car Services:

Full automobile servicing comprises the following services:

  1. Checking the license plate
  2. Examining the battery
  3. Changing the oil


Drivers benefit greatly from full automobile services. Because of the following:

  1. This kind of maintenance provides adequate driving safety.
  2. It is possible to prevent failing MOT testing.
  3. Car owners may increase the resale value of their vehicles.
  4. Regular maintenance improves fuel economy.


We have a team of specialists with a lot of expertise. We offer services with extreme caution. Our specialists can quickly detect the issue. Our staff manages the whole procedure with ease.


An MOT test (or Ministry of Transport test) is a yearly examination that assesses the safety, roadworthiness, and emissions of a vehicle. Most automobiles are required by law to get an MOT, which comprises a comprehensive check of both internal and exterior components done at a garage or MOT test center. Before your MOT expires, you must renew it. Up to a month, before your MOT expires, you may renew it.

An MOT is a thorough examination of your vehicle’s brakes, lights, fuel system, mirrors, electrical equipment, and exhaust system, among other components. Everything that is tested during an MOT Bolton is explained in the DVSA’s guideline paper.

MOT may be done at The Arches Garage. Our facility employs highly trained, experienced, and qualified technicians. capable of interpreting MOT test results using DVSA norms and criteria

If your MOT fails, you may take advantage of our low-cost, high-quality repairs and replacements. Every vehicle in the United Kingdom over the age of three years requires an annual MOT examination.

MOT testing evaluates whether your car complies with all federal environmental and safety regulations.

To begin, our technicians will review your vehicle’s MOT history to discover whether any faults have remained. Following that, we’ll check the following components thoroughly in compliance with DVSA guidelines:

The braking system

Your vehicle’s braking system is crucial for optimal on-road driving safety. Damaged or worn-out brake components put your safety and the safety of other road users in jeopardy. We’ll check the brakes on your car to make sure they’re in excellent operating shape.

Visibility issues might arise when lights are not operating correctly. During the MOT Inspection, our staff will check the indicators, headlights, taillights, brake lights, fog lights, and other components.


The exhaust system of your vehicle is crucial in regulating and minimizing localized air pollution. This helps your vehicle’s emissions stay under permissible levels. The emission rate of the car will affect the MOT results. The exhaust manifolds, carburetor, silencer, gas sensor, and other components will all be inspected.

Tyres and wheels

The state of your car’s tyres and wheel rims influences its performance, safety, and comfort when driving. We’ll check the tyres for cuts and damage and make sure they have at least 1.6 mm of tread depth.

In addition, our experts will look for any damage on the wheel rim to guarantee that you have reliable on-road performance.


At The Arches Garage, we have a collection of professionals that are both competent and courteous. Our costs are fair, and the whole procedure is transparent. We are always investing in cutting-edge technologies in order to improve.

It is vital that a motorist get his or her car maintained by a qualified and trustworthy technician. Your vehicle’s expert should know everything about it. At The Arches Garage, we provide a wide range of services, including tyre fitting, tyre repair, wheel alignment, and Car Service Bolton.

The Arches Garage provides a wide range of customized services. Customers get honest opinions and guidance, so there are no hidden motivations. Please consider giving us a chance.

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