5 Key Benefits of Installing Impact-Resistant Windows in Your Home

5 Key Benefits of Installing Impact-Resistant Windows in Your Home

When protecting your home from hurricane-force winds, impact windows are designed to withstand forceful wind-borne debris. In many cases, homeowners in hurricane-prone areas can even get insurance breaks on their home insurance when they install impact-resistant windows and doors.

Besides protecting against severe weather, impact windows provide excellent energy efficiency and noise reduction. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

When you install impact windows in your home, they will help to reduce your energy costs by providing improved insulating capabilities. This means your home will be more relaxed in the summer and warmer in the winter, which leads to lower energy bills.

Unlike traditional single-pane windows, impact glass comprises multiple bonded layers. This makes them an excellent insulator and can prevent heat from escaping your home in the summer and cold air entering the winter.

The sturdiness of impact glass also helps deter criminals’ forced entry attempts. This is because it can withstand direct blows and impacts from baseball bats, crowbars, hammers, and other tools burglars use to break into homes.

Increased Home Value

In addition to reducing outside noise, impact windows reduce unwanted home invasions. This is because of their thick design that makes breaking into the home difficult, thus deterring burglars.

They also help households save money on energy expenses by maintaining consistent internal temperatures. This minimizes the demand for the air conditioner during hot summer days and cold winter nights.

For property owners in hurricane-prone regions, opting for impact windows is a great way to protect their homes against damage from flying debris or forced entry. As a result, they may receive an insurance discount on their premiums. This can make the investment worthwhile. However, hiring a professional impact resistant windows West Palm Beach installer with extensive experience installing these windows is essential. They should also have a good reputation.

Increased Safety

Many insurance companies offer a discount on homeowner’s insurance when impact-resistant windows and doors are installed in the home. This is because these products are made to withstand the force of severe weather and protect your house from costly damage.

They also help prevent airborne debris, often generated by extreme storms, from crashing into the house and potentially damaging or hurting people. This allows homeowners to avoid spending money on shutters or plywood and gives peace of mind knowing that the house is protected 24 hours a day.

In addition, the strength of these windows and doors makes it more difficult for burglars to break through, which can provide a deterrent against crime. Furthermore, the insulated frames block noise pollution and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause carpets, furniture, fabrics, and photographs to fade.

Reduced Noise

Besides protecting your home from severe storm damage, impact windows also reduce noise. If you have noisy neighbors who mow their lawns at 6 am, or your home is located near a train track or busy street, impact windows will help to buffer the outside noise from entering your home.

Impact windows are made from two thin pieces of regular glass fused with a vinyl interlayer, typically polyvinyl butyral. When struck, this layer prevents the glass from splintering into large, jagged shards of glass that could break into your home and cause serious injury.

While they don’t wholly soundproof your home, the acoustic properties of impact windows significantly reduce outside noises such as traffic, airplanes, street noises, and barking dogs. This enables you to relax in your home with less distraction.

Increased Curb Appeal

When you add impact windows to your home, you’ll instantly increase its curb appeal. These high-quality windows feature a sleek design that will capture potential buyers’ attention. This upgrade makes your home stand out from other listings and may even help you sell your property faster.

While the most apparent benefit of impact windows is storm protection, they also defend your home against a different type of threat—human intruders. The thick glass and sturdy framing materials make it difficult to break these windows, making them a powerful deterrent for burglars. Other benefits include energy efficiency and reduced noise. The multiple layers of glass and interlayers block out sounds like revving motors, honking horns, construction, and barking dogs. This creates a quieter, more peaceful living environment for relaxing and sleeping.