6 Social Media Advertising Tools You Need to Know

6 Social Media Advertising Tools You Need to Know

Businesses can reach their target audience through social media. Are you still sceptical? Let’s look at some statistics.Instagram has over 600 million users.Twitter has more than 317 million users, and Snapchat has more than 300 million. click here Facebook blows them all out of the water with almost two billion active users.It’s not surprising that social media advertising is a hugely profitable avenue for advertisers to spend billions of dollars each year on information about their users.Do you want to learn how to use social media advertising tools? Continue reading.

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According to Marketing Land, the click-through rates for mobile ads on Facebook are 9.1 times higher than those on web ads and 8.1 times more on desktop.


These ten social media advertising tools will help you see a significant rise in web traffic and improve your bottom line.

1. Influencer Marketing

Let’s face facts. We all skim through ads and commercials in 2017 when we have the opportunity. How can you get people to see your ad? This is possible with influencer marketing.

Social media influencers have a large following and are considered social media leaders. Millennial queens such as Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid are the most prominent influencers. There are many other influencers, from athletes to doctors and podcasters to musicians.

Influencers build relationships with followers through organic content that consumers trust more than branded ads.

You can reach your target audience by finding the right influencers to promote your product.

2. Bit.ly

This URL shortening tool can be used to condense links.This is useful for visual appeal and to squeeze into the 140 characters limit of Twitter posts.

This is not all. Bit.ly offers a click tracking tool that will help you gather valuable data about which content is driving traffic to your site.

3. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads can be started for as low as $5. There’s no reason not to use this powerful tool.

Facebook Ads allows you to target specific people through their news feeds. However, this can only be achieved if you use the tool to its full potential.

However, facebook Ads Manager makes it easy to create ads, choose your target consumers and stop or start ads. You can also track your results.

You can even get it in an app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

4. YouTube

It’s no surprise that YouTube has been used by 100% of the world’s top 100 brands to advertise in the last year. It works.

YouTube ads are similar to influencer marketing. You can target specific audiences who are loyal YouTube channel followers.

Place ads on video-driven YouTube channels rather than channel-driven to capture many leads.

Placing a makeup advertisement on a tutorial video about contouring can get you a lot of exposure. Similar results can be achieved by placing a headphones ad in a viral video of recent music performance.

However, youTubers earn a large portion of their income from advertisers to be available for sponsored videos or ad content.Advertisement can be done using pre-video ads and in-video banners. You can also include product features within video content.

5. Snapchat filters

Sponsored Snapchat filters can be an excellent way for consumers to interact and promote your brand to their followers.

However, brands can spend as high as $750,000 per day to have their custom filter featured.This is why it’s such a powerful advertising platform. Enjoyability.

Snapchatters love using filters to create fun face-morphing designs. Using a creative and fun sponsored filter, you can reach millions of people.

6. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are one of 2017’s most popular and powerful social media advertising tools. However, verified accounts, business accounts that have 10,000 followers or more, can add links to Instagram stories. This transforms casual interactions into shopping opportunities that drive traffic and sales.

It’s also straightforward. However, once you have a qualified account, all required to start your story is to upload or take a photo or video and then click the link button at the top of the screen. You will be taken to a page that allows you to enter the link and publish your advertisement.This allows viewers and followers to swipe up at their screens to your link.