Choose a private piano teacher

Choose a private piano teacher

Choosing a private piano teacher for your child can be a daunting task. Depending on the location, there may be many teachers to choose from or there may be a shortage of teachers in the area. Start by asking teachers, musicians, parents, and business owners in your community. If you are in a rural area, you may have to travel far to find a qualified piano teacher to ensure your child does well in piano lessons. Metropolitan areas may offer more options, but experienced piano teachers may have long waiting lists. Be prepared to be on the waiting list together.

After you’ve made your list,

 The first question you’ll want to ask your piano teacher Adelaide is whether you and your child have made time for interviews. Teachers will be happy to make an appointment with a simple phone call and add interview questions. It is aimed at teachers with specific policies that ensure a clear understanding of what is expected. If teachers do not have a written policy, they can be very flexible and lack the necessary structure for such a discipline

During the interview, teachers can discuss the following policies:

Participation, Eligibility, Lack of Learning Policy, Balancing and/or Competition Conditions, Enforcement Expectations, Parent Participation, Tuition Fee, Non-Tuition, Possible Group Education, Materials and Books, Recall Policy, Vacation and Summer Curriculum, Dress Code and other related issues. As a busy parent, remember that policies can help you be better organized and focus your child on positive practices

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Do not hesitate to ask your teacher if you can attend a lesson or (preferably) a recital with your child. Due to space or space constraints, I prefer not to take visitors for private lessons. It is also important that you personally visit the studio where your child is working. Do you have enough space? Do teachers seem reasonably organized? Do they use the latest technology, recording equipment, computer stations and other means by which students can identify themselves? Does the teacher have a well-tuned and calibrated piano?

What are the expectations of your beginner piano teacher?

 Does the teacher allow students to practice the electronic piano? Are you expecting a keyboard or a lower one? If you ask most piano teachers if they prefer the 88-key acoustic piano, the answer is probably yes. They can recommend qualified piano technicians in the area so that your child has the perfect instrument to practice.

We can also practice and discuss the composition at home.

 This will give you an idea of ​​what to expect after each piano lesson. Beware of teachers whose students can’t get anything at a concert without major interruptions or tears. They are probably teachers with low expectation of practice and no expectation of success. Talent is overrated. Most successful students achieve more through consistent practice, repetition, and brain-stimulating activities during practice and piano lessons. Even the most gifted child quickly realizes that they cannot succeed without structured practice time outside of piano lessons.