How do we convert Big beans into Money? A step-by-step Guide

How do we convert Big beans into Money? A step-by-step Guide

In Bigo there are bigo beans and diamonds. Both Beans and diamonds are great because beans you can convert into real money once you have a certain number of beans in your bigo account or you can keep your bigo beans when you want to gift & convert them in diamonds, diamonds you can’t cashout so keep that in mind as well you can use diamonds to gift to other people on the app.

if someone gives a gift in live, you get beans a little digital wallet and you need to know the bigo beans as quarters and think of diamonds as dollars to me in live. I receive one-quarter of what you sent me on Bigo and the company takes the rest. it’s important you’re setting up different swaps and trades with your beans to diamonds and gift with those rather turn your bigo beans into diamonds and use that rate and you’re not going to lose money.

Bigo Official Host

To earn on Bigo first you want to make sure you start off with a fresh new account, you don’t use an account older than 15 days because after 15 days bigo won’t accept your host registration.

You need to make sure you join a family there are so many different families on Bigo to choose from you just make a search it’s not something that has to be rushed, fill out the family form. Then set up for an audition after finding an agency. usually, your family helps you find an

Make sure when you stream keep things clear in your background, you need to make sure you have good lighting, and good audio so you know your viewers are your audience, make sure you’re interacting with the comments & make calls.

Once you become an official host you can start receiving gifts which convert into bigo beans, you can set up for PKs, Bigo live house streaming and all those activities people have on the app.

You have to follow the rules & monthly targets; have to make sure your 30 hours every month is the minimum requirement, if you are going for a higher tier you sometimes have to put in more time.

When you made your monthly quota, you need to set up your Payoneer or your air wallet and those are two bank apps where you can withdraw money and transfer it to your bank account.

How to cash out Bigo Beans?

1. Open the Big app
2. You’ll go to the bottom right hand
3. Hit that little person (Profile Button)
4. Find your Wallet & hit that button
5. Go into the bean section
6. Click on the Exchange Rewards button
7. Enter your password
8. Then you’ll be able to exchange as many bigo beans as you have for cash now

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How To Get Beans?

Host receive gifts by gifts they receive from the viewers and rewards they get for completing tasks and taking part in events. Bigo always has a lot of events running at a time, Hosts can join any of them and ask their agents or family to support or guide them through the event.

Bigo Beans Value

Big is a virtual currency that has real value, it is different in some parts of the world but mostly its 210 beans make 1 US dollar. Companies may charge some extra dollars for money transfer services. You can’t convert diamonds into beans but you can convert beans into diamonds. When you send diamonds to someone they automatically turn into bigo beans and add to their bigo wallet. For official hosts they also get their additional bonus (Salary for making targets) in form of bigo beans, they can choose to mahout them or convert bigo beans into diamonds and send any streamer on the Big App.