Wireless-N Repeater No Internet Access? Here’s How to Fix It!

Wireless-N Repeater No Internet Access? Here’s How to Fix It!

Having a repeater installed at home, but with zero internet access is one of the most painful experiences. Are you having the same experience? If yes, then by the end you reach this post, you will be able to get the internet access back. So, scroll and read on.

Fixed: Wireless-N Repeater No Internet Access

  1. Connect WiFi Devices Properly

The Wireless-N repeater no internet issue might be an outcome of the improper connection between your repeater and the host router. Not only this, but it can also prevent you from accessing the wireless repeater setup wizard. Therefore, you need to mend that connection first. Don’t know how? Let us explain.

If you have connected your devices using a wireless source, then the distance is the only factor that counts. However, its magnitude needs to be moderate. It is because larger distances interrupt the communication and fewer distances create a clash of WiFi signals. What happened? You have made a wired connection? Cast your eye over the Ethernet cable connecting your devices. Is it free of wear and tear? If not, then what are you waiting for? Get it replaced with a new one. Also, try to make the connection firm. Hamraaz Web

  1. Reboot the Repeater

What kind of device is your Wireless-N WiFi repeater? Technical. Right? It has been found that 4 out of 5 technical devices are susceptible to technical glitches. Perhaps, your WiFi repeater is among those 4 devices. Don’t worry! Getting rid of technical glitches is not as difficult as it sounds. The only thing you have to do is reboot the repeater.

Technical expertise is not necessary to reboot the Wireless-N WiFi repeater. You have to just give some rest to your repeater by unplugging your repeater from the power outlet and plugging it back after some time. Once the repeater is ready for use, check whether the issue you were facing is still around.

  1. Contact Your ISP

If the tips mentioned above are of no use to you, then chances are that your Internet Service Provider is not loyal to his job. In other words, the internet access might have been disabled from his end.

So, contact him and verify if the issue you are facing has emerged from his end. In case he agrees that the problem is from his side, give him a couple of hours to fix the issue. Once he does that, try accessing the Wireless-N WiFi repeater login page to confirm the same. If you are still empty-handed, go through the next troubleshooting technique.

  1. Check Signal Interference

Do you know that the electromagnetic waves emitted by your refrigerator are having a battle with the repeater’s WiFi signals? FYI, placing the Wireless-N WiFi repeater near the electromagnetic waves emitting devices is not a good option to consider. Also, reflexive surfaces possess the power of bouncing back the repeater’s WiFi signals. Thus, you must maintain a safe distance between your WiFi repeater and reflexive surfaces.

Besides, metal objects and utensils carrying a large amount of water can absorb the WiFi signals of your repeater. Thus, you should never place your Wireless-N WiFi repeater near them. After assigning a new location to your repeater, see if the issue is still spinning your head.

Quick Tip: Place your Wireless-N WiFi repeater in the central location of an airy room. Doing this will facilitate an equal propagation of your Wireless-N repeater’s WiFi signals.

  1. Reset the Repeater

Did none of the aforementioned techniques bring you success in gaining the internet experience? Oh! It looks like you haven’t installed your Wireless-N WiFi repeater in a proper manner. What are you waiting for? Perform WiFi repeater setup properly. But, before that, you have to reset it.

To restore your Wireless-N repeater to the factory default mode, you need to push the Reset button carefully. However, the process needs to be carried out attentively. Once your WiFi repeater starts running on the factory default settings, consider configuring it from scratch by accessing the default IP address.


And with that, we have come to the end of our troubleshooting guide to fix the Wireless-N repeater no internet issue. After configuring your Wireless-N repeater again, you will be able to fix the issue. However, in order to avoid such kinds of issues in the future, we recommend you do Wireless N repeater firmware update. How did you come across this post? Let us know in the comment section.

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