What Are the Most Popular Wedding Car Choices for Brides and Grooms in London?

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Car Choices for Brides and Grooms in London?

You can choose from a wide variety of hired experts in London, including churches, reception locations, caterers, photographers, performers, stylists, and even cars to rent for your big day. With solid research, we hope to make the planning process easier for you. The most popular options for wedding car hire service in London and their typical pricing has been culled from our database of thousands of orders.

Genuine Classic

A real classic car is the vehicle of choice for nearly half of all London-based future wedding couples. And it’s hard to blame them when there are so many amazing autos to choose from during this period of so many options!

For the journey from the church to the reception location, you and your future spouse might decide to rent a lovely and eccentric convertible Volkswagen Beetle from the 1950s or even a Rolls Royce Silver Wraith from the 1940s.

The normal cost to lease a wedding automobile in this category is £395. This price range generally reflects the pricing range for renting wedding vehicles in London.

Style Vintage Vehicles

The easiest way to think of these automobiles is as tributes to the fantastic designs that were popular in the 1930s. The vintage cars that look like they were made in the 1930s came in second place, which is still a respectable finish. However, they come equipped with current engines’ dependability and safety features.

The Beauford Convertible is often considered the most illustrious example of this automobile category. This “fairytale” wedding automobile has been available since the first models were released in 1980. It mixes contemporary performance with the luscious curves and expanded bonnet of a Grand Tourer from the 1930s.

These wedding vehicles are ideal for individuals interested in experiencing a sense of nostalgia but unwilling to take the risk associated with depending on outdated technology beneath the hood. Its great news for those who want the vintage look at a fair price as the average cost to hire a wedding vehicle in this category in London comes in at £320. This category’s average cost to hire a wedding vehicle in London.

Modern Cars

The best three choices for wedding vehicle hiring in London are contemporary wedding automobiles, classic wedding automobiles, and modern wedding automobiles. Again, it shouldn’t be surprising that married people in London are drawn to these automobiles.

As a result of the vast selection of high-performance sports autos included in this category, it is a favorite among men considering becoming grooms. For any automobile fanatic, having the opportunity to show up for the big day driving a Mercedes S-class Rapide while decked up in full James Bond garb would be a dream come true.

You and your fiancée may want to make a grand exit from the church, so why not rent a long-wheelbase luxury vehicle like a Bentley Mulsanne? It will cost you an average of £390 in London to rent a brand-new automobile for your wedding, which is a terrific price considering you have access to the most up-to-date models.

Genuine Vintage

The revival in popularity of vintage autos thanks to shows like Downton Abbey and Peaky Blinders makes them an excellent option for any wedding ceremony or reception. Certain couples will settle for nothing less than the real deal. Those organizing a vintage wedding want to make their big day even more memorable by renting a vehicle that has been formally validated as an authentic example of the era it represents.

The Ford Model T was one of the most influential automobiles in history; therefore, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to ride in it if you get the chance.

When hiring a genuine vintage wedding automobile in London, which costs an average of £590, wedding vehicle hire prices are at their most expensive. There are not many of them still around, and even fewer of them are in good enough condition to be used. You will automatically become a member of the most exclusive automotive club in the world, no matter which model you decide to purchase.


You should be able to accommodate all of your guests on one of the several buses available for hire for your wedding, each of which can hold up to 72 people. With these vehicles, you can carry your wedding guests on the world’s most well-known bus. It’s also possible to customize the typical bus destination signage on the front or back of the vehicle to your liking. The Mercedes party bus that is available for hire in London comes with a high price tag. There is a low average per-head cost of £480. As a result, it’s a cheap choice with several advantages.


In wedding automobiles, who generally rides?

The Bride and her Father or the person giving her away travel together in one automobile to the ceremony. The Bride’s mother and bridesmaids are typically transported in a second vehicle. No formal wedding car is required to transport the groom, his best man, or ushers.

Who drives the Bride to the wedding?

Bridal limos often include a ride for the Bride’s father. If he’s presenting the Bride to the groom, it’s best if they’re in the same vehicle. Bridesmaids and family members may also be present.

What are the requirements for a bride?

An Old English rhyme from 19th-century Lancashire inspired the custom. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe” are the items a bride should have on her wedding day.

Are wedding cars still decorated?

Traditionally, the wedding party decorates the wedding automobile, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a total surprise. Nowadays, many couples want a piece of the action, and they have the freedom to do it any way they see fit.


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