KYC Face Verification – How can it Benefit the Travel Sector?

KYC Face Verification – How can it Benefit the Travel Sector?

The traveling and hospitality industry relies heavily on positive customer experience. In case, there is some problem with the customer service, they can lose their clientele fast. Technological advancement has benefited other industries and the same case applies to the travel sector. The arrival of biometric technology has ensured positive experiences for individual customers as well as the companies. The software is secure and accurate. It enables them to organize huge volumes of information on a regular basis with the elimination of manual work. The technology is already in use by famous social media platforms. 

The Application of KYC Face Verification Technology in the Travel Industry

Enhancing the Positive Customer Experience

If a business wants to improve its sales and profits, tey staff members should work on enhancing customers’ level of satisfaction. The atmosphere is tough for the hospitality sector because they should always be on their toes if they want to maintain their competitive edge in the market. The KYC face verification software facilitates the organizations in this matter. The use of technology can reduce the long lines for customers because they can have identity verification in no time. Another advantage of the software is that it will help generate customer-centred greetings to ensure a pleasurable experience (it can also increase their chances of reusing the service). 

The facial verification technology uses facial signatures to verify the identity of the customer. If a client comes again for the service, the previous data can help make their second visit even better than before. The provision of positive experiences will eliminate the feelings of frustration from the clients which will enhance the conversion rate.

Enhanced Security Levels through KYC Face Verification

Facial recognition technology is popular for its high-security measures. It does not take a lot of time to verify the identity of clients so businesses prefer to use it. It is highly compatible with the travel industry because the high-security levels will attract customers to its services. It can save them from identity theft and credit card scams during their travel time. Businesses can benefit from the technology because they can avoid chargeback fraud, hefty fines, and a decline in their brand image. 

The application of KYC face verification technology can help airport staff to validate the identity of a passenger against their records. The high-security level of biometric services deters fraud attempts and scams. Customers can also enjoy quick room services due to the application of KYC face verification technology. 

Effortless Integration of the Face Verification System

Facial recognition technology easily integrates with the existing technology. It means that there is no need to buy new hardware to properly use the technology in business settings. If a company uses KYC face verification technology, the clients will be able to verify their identities through the use of their electronic devices. It means that there will be no need for buying or adding more technological structures for the integration of face liveness verification technology. In this way, it saves time and money for the industry. Consequently, it is a scalable solution for the travel sector. 

Lesser Paperwork for the Candidates

The use of KYC face verification technology has reduced the need for paper document submission by the customers. Now they only need to get a facial scan in order to verify their records. The application of facial biometric services has reduced check-in times for the clients which are great for a positive customer experience. After taking such measures, the customers want to come back because they experienced a hassle-free environment. Customers will be happy to pay more for the services because they know that they will get their desired personalized care from the hotel.

What does the Future look like for KYC Face Verification Technology?

The KYC face verification technology has a number of advantages but there are some pessimists who hesitate to adopt the change. Clients should know that technology has more advantages than disadvantages. The advancement in technology will never stop. It is critical for hospitality businesses to adopt the trend or else they will lose their competitive advantage in the market. A big advantage of the technology is that it effectively deals with fraud and it is almost impossible to fool the system. Customers who show hesitation to engage with the technology should increase their awareness. The travel industry can hold mini-sessions for them in order to ease their worries around data protection. 

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, although there are several advantages of KYC face verification technology, still there are people who have doubts regarding it. Their main concern is privacy issues that come with the use of technology. The technological revolution is continuing every day. The biometric technology will help minimize the incidences of fraud and ensure safe business operations for the companies. To the cynics, the companies should ensure data privacy and take security measures accordingly. 

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