Solar is becoming an increasingly popular illumination option for households, after serving the big corporates and industries. With the technological revolution taking place in the variety of solar products that are on the offer, it has made it all the more affordable to equip your households with solar lighting solutions. Today, options for solar lights online have been expanding at an astounding rate, making solar the most economical option available for illumination purposes. Many designing enthusiasts and even people who are keen on incorporating the latest in the lighting technology that is a greener option as well; are on the rise. Be it the outdoor solar lights or the best solar generators in India, they are ready to install the best available solar panels.

If you are also thinking of going solar as a household, you must be thinking- Is solar cost-effective? Is my roof suitable for solar panels? Will solar energy generate enough electricity to power my home? Who makes the best solar panels in Gurgaon? How much is too much for a solar panel for the home? Which company provides the best solar EPC services?

If these questions bother you as well, nothing to worry about. We got you covered. We understand it can be overwhelming for deciding on the best solar EPC company in Gurgaon for the solar panel installation for your home. And no doubt, an experienced player in the solar panel installations industry would be the best fit for your illumination needs. As they would offer not only the installation services; but also, crucial post-installation solar EPC services that are much required for a successful solar panel grounding.

  • How much is your energy bill?

Knowing how much you pay for energy is the first step in evaluating whether your house is a good candidate for solar. In some areas, electricity is very expensive and for most homeowners, the electricity bill is a dreaded monthly expense. Going solar replaces utility energy with solar energy and a higher return on investment. There are several ways to go solar, depending on a customer’s needs and goals.

  • What kind of roof do you have?

Efficient solar panels from Synergy Wave System, a trusted solar EPC company in Gurgaon, work best with strong, durable roofing materials, such as composite or asphalt shingle, concrete tile, or standing seam metal. For roofing materials such as wood shake and slate tile, or for roofs made of clay with mortar, you can choose a solar professional like team Synergy.

  • Does your roof need to be replaced or repaired?

Solar panels should be installed on roofs that are in good condition and will not need to be replaced in the near future. Considering that your savings from high-efficiency solar panels could pay for the cost of a re-roof in as little as 5 years post-installation, it may be worth it.

  • How much sunlight does your roof receive?

To see if your house is a good fit for solar, try collaborating with the top solar EPC companies like Synergy among others, to help check your suitability for the same. The more direct sunlight your home receives, the more power the solar panels will produce. The roof angle, the direction of the roof, and tree shading to see if your roof will receive enough sunlight to meet your family’s energy needs.

  • What is your local climate like?

High-efficiency solar panels convert direct and indirect sunlight into electricity, so they work even on cloudy days. A solar consultant will estimate the amount of energy your system will produce so that you can see the potential savings beforehand. If your area is prone to severe weather conditions, check the durability rating of the panels you’re investing in for your home.

Due to the steady reduction in solar panel prices, improvement of technology, and streamlining of installation processes, solar is now an option for nearly all homeowners. In order to get solar panels installed, homeowners should have:

  1. Energy information to size the solar
  2. A location to put the solar panels
  3. An electric panel with sufficient capacity
  4. Proper connection to the solar
  5. A roof in good condition
  6. Mode of payment for the solar
  7. Pay cash
  8. Solar loans
  9. Solar lease

The above are the major solar panel installation requirements that you must consider before shopping for solar. The good news is that the solar specialists from leading solar EPC companies– like Synergy and others, are trained in gathering this type of information easily and conveniently in order to help you go solar and save. So, if you have been researching about installing solar panels, and didn’t think it could work for you, partnering with the best in the industry would drive you closer to the best-suited solar panel options available.

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