HubSpot Onboarding – 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of HubSpot

HubSpot Onboarding – 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of HubSpot

Are you new to HubSpot? Or maybe you are considering switching to the inbound marketing platform and have questions about how to properly onboard. In this article, we’ll explore how to onboard a new HubSpot client and explain why you should do so.

We’ll also cover the time it takes, the complexity, and the efficacy of the platform. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be ready to jump on board with the platform.

Inbound Marketing Platform

If you have recently signed up for HubSpot, the onboarding process is essential for success. The onboarding process is designed to provide users with the tools and resources they need to use the HubSpot inbound marketing platform. It also sets up HubSpot to meet your specific needs, extending its functionality to your marketing and sales teams. The onboarding process includes everything from creating your first digital marketing campaign to optimizing your website for HubSpot.

During the onboarding process, new users may experience a lot of challenges. For example, they may have difficulties getting familiarized with the platform, while implementing automation and tracking. Additionally, new users may have issues migrating to HubSpot from another software. Ultimately, the onboarding process helps users learn the basics of using HubSpot and get started quickly.


The complexity of HubSpot onboarding is not the only issue. There are many factors to consider before making a decision on whether to hire an agency or implement the software yourself. First, determine your onboarding needs and goals. You may not need all the features that are available. If you use free tools, you can choose a simpler setup that allows your team to customize it as needed.

Next, determine your sales processes. You need to match your sales process with HubSpot’s user interface. This includes defining buyer personas, lead data, and other parameters. Once you’ve established these factors, you can create workflows and reports to optimize your client experience. When you’re ready to hire an agency, make sure you discuss the details of your onboarding process with your external team.

Time Required

Upon initial onboarding to HubSpot, you may want to consider creating playbooks and best practices to ensure you don’t miss anything. HubSpot also recommends best practices based on automated rules. For example, you can upload external documents to HubSpot and track which ones are getting the most engagement. You may also want to create a workflow for deal creation on HubSpot and add lead scoring and rotation as a process for moving leads from one stage to another.

A good partner will be able to save you valuable time by facilitating your onboarding and helping you implement best practices. In addition to this, you will have access to ongoing service after onboarding is complete. HubSpot experts will provide regular calls throughout your initial 90-day journey and give additional training and certification as you move forward.


The benefits of HubSpot onboarding go beyond the software. If done correctly, it can boost business communication and deal flow efficiency. The right onboarding partner can also reduce your costs. Select a partner who has experience in the field of onboarding. A partner has a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of the HubSpot onboarding process.

The most complex and time-consuming process is switching to HubSpot. Most organizations already have established sales, marketing, and customer service tools. They identify what is not working and migrate it to HubSpot. Secondly, create an incremental roadmap for your new hires. Then, focus on implementing the right tools and processes. For example, HubSpot has many inbuilt CRMs.


While the cost of HubSpot onboarding may be an investment you’re willing to make, it’s not necessarily expensive. The software allows you to add up to 100 contacts at a time, with the cost of up to 1000 contacts being $3,000. The higher tiers come with additional fees, including mandatory Quick Start Consultations.

For more intensive onboarding, HubSpot offers partners with a fully-managed service. This includes multiple training sessions in which experts coach you through the features of your chosen plan. For example, you’ll be introduced to the creation of forms, landing pages, and emails using HubSpot. Your onboarding expert can teach you how to optimize your website for conversions and boost conversions.