How to use internet once you know how to get wifi password using cmd?

How to use internet once you know how to get wifi password using cmd?

So are you someone who loves to play games all day long or stream the movies for the whole day? But you are worrying that you are not having unlimited internet to enjoy all your activities. Don’t worry. Our blog will help you to know the process.

You might be aware that your neighbourhood is having wifi with a good connection. But you don’t know the credentials to connect to the system. And even you can’t ask for the credentials from them. Obviously, why will they share it with you? After All they are paying for it. But then also you can get them. Want to know how? Don’t share the secret with anyone else! Its simple by hacking their wifi. That’s it!

But now the question lies how to get wifi password using cmd?

So here firstly you will discuss about how to get wifi password using cmd, and what are the activities that you can do after hacking.

How to get wifi password using cmd

Hacking a wifi password utilizing an order brief is exceptionally simple and includes in just four principal steps

Stage 1: Open order prompt(CMD) as executive

So CMD can get to the full organizations of the PC and that’s just the beginning

Stages 2: Type a colour 

This step is discretionary, you can decide to avoid this step however if you are intrigued, you might take a look at the words and all that in green in the order brief

Stage 3: Type: netsh wlan show profiles

Type in the above code in the order brief to show the accessible organization profiles

Stage 4: Type: netsh wlan show profiles (The Name of the Wifi You Selected to Hack) key=content

Type in netsh wlan show profiles with the name of the WiFi profile you need to hack, from that point forward, add key=content and click Enter

From that point forward, in the security settings under the security key of the data created, you will see the key substance which is the WiFi Password

Duplicate the vital substance code and glue it in the secret word segment of your WiFi profile

So now you know the simplest way of how to get wifi password using cmd. Hope the step seemed to be easy and convenient for you and your friend.

Now once you know how to get wifi password using cmd, you might be wondering what to do with the unlimited internet access you are having. Let’s scroll and see some interesting ideas:

Binge watching films

You might be a movie lover and want to go for a movie marathon for all day long. You should definitely call your friends over to your house. Since you already know how to get wifi password using cmd, just follow the steps and connect your television or system with the wifi and run the movie in your system. Don’t forget to get some pop corn and soft drinks for yourself while you enjoy your favourite movie.

Watching all series in OTT

So you are having the shared subscription of the OTT platform with your friend, but are afraid that the OTT series will consume all your internet. No more worries! Just connect the wifi in the process that we discussed under how to get wifi password using cmd, and start enjoying all the series starting from lucifer, strangers thing to dark. Every thing that you name!

Playing games all day long

Internet gaming depicts any computer game that offers online cooperations with different players. Computer games used to be grouped by an Online Content PEGI descriptor to connote regardless of whether they were on the web. In any case, as most games presently give online collaborations this qualification is not generally utilised. Internet games are vital to comprehend in light of the fact that they offer a colossal measure of tomfoolery, delight, cooperation, joint effort and creative experience for kids. Had steadily they contributed a fundamental impact of kids’ turn of events and socialization.

In any case, guardians should figure out web based gaming so they can support protected and solid propensities in kids and innovation from early on.

So just connect with the wifi you hacked and start playing all day long!

Setting gaming day with your friends with LAN connection

So now as you know how to get wifi password using cmd and you can play unlimited games all day long, why don’t you call your friends at your home. Just go for a day with your friends, invite them for a game party and play hard all day. No more worries about loading games while streaming online and making teams to attack your opponent in games!

Downloading whatever you want

There are a lot of things that you see and have watched for several times, but afraid that you may lose them in future. So it is a better idea to download them and keep them in your archive so that you don’t loose them and can watch them whenever you need. Have full utilization of the wifi that you hacked and download anything and everything you want.

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Working from home

A lot of binge watching and playing are done. It’s time to work! So why don’t you use the internet for some productivity. Use the wifi for working from home, having meeting and sharing huge files to the cloud.

So as you can see from the article what all you can do if your having the free internet connection where you can use unlimited internet without paying anything. Wifi can be hacked with roots and without roots. We have also discussed the most convenient and easy way of how to get wifi password using cmd. So don’t forget to use the steps and keep in mind that you will need to follow the particular way as it is. Now just go for the hacking process, share the wifi with your neighbour and use it for your own good. Share the process with your friends to help them to implement such an easy way to hack.