How to Update Motherboard Drivers?

How to Update Motherboard Drivers?

Updating motherboard drivers could make a motherboard carry out higher however how does one update them? PC Discover Updating drivers seems like a tedious and complex process with the risk of permanently bricking up the motherboard.

Therefore, in this text, I will gift an less complicated approach in an effort to allow you to update your motherboard’s drivers with none fear.

This guide applies to amateurs in addition to semi-seasoned PC gamers alike. I will try and hold the manual as easy as possible and explain each step comprehensively so you can observe along side relative ease.

With that being stated, let’s bounce straight into the object.

Determine the Motherboard That Is in Your PC

To update the motherboard drivers, you may want to recognize which motherboard is established to your laptop.
Fortunately, it is easy to find out which motherboard you have to your PC. All you need to do is the following.

Navigate to the Windows search bar determined at the bottom left of the screen subsequent to the Windows button.

  • In the Windows seek bar, type in cmd and press the Enter key to your keyboard
  • In the command prompt Window type wmic baseboard get product, producer and hit Enter
  • Subsequently, your motherboard name, make, and model can be displayed at the command spark off window.
  • Copy the whole name after which close the command activate Window

For your reference, a motherboard call will look something like this Asus Rog Strix Z690. The first phrase of the collection will constitute the producer, accompanied by using the motherboard model and the chipset’s name.

If you have were given a call like this, you’re exact to visit the subsequent step.

Determine Which Motherboard Drivers Are Outdated:

A motherboard has many drivers that allow the special components of the motherboard to characteristic. For instance, a motherboard includes audio, video, CPU, USB, and so forth.

All those drivers are awesome and require separate installations in maximum instances. In order to find out which motherboard driver you want to replace, do the subsequent.

Test out all of the essential additives of the PC like audio, video, etc. Unfortunately, there isn’t a manner for singling out drivers that want to be up to date; consequently, you need to do it the tough manner.

That being said, I an awful lot as a substitute endorse updating all the motherboard drivers in a single cross. Updating all the motherboard drivers will no longer handiest prevent time and headache, however your PC’s overall performance may additionally improve.

Download the Latest Drivers for Your Motherboard

The whole call that we just discovered out within the previous step will help us down load the modern day motherboard drivers.

It is extremely essential to get the name right because the identical manufacturer has more than one motherboards in its lineup; consequently, the use of drivers no longer supposed to your motherboard may be risky.

The following is how you can down load the brand new drivers on your motherboard.

  • Head over on your motherboard producer’s internet site.
  • Search for the precise motherboard with the equal version and chipset on the website.
  • Once you have got the exact motherboard model located, open its web page.
  • Navigate to the driving force or aid section
  • Filter thru the drivers and down load the cutting-edge release in your motherboard
  • Save the down load file in a folder that you could easily get admission to in a while due to the fact we’ll want this folder frequently inside the following couple of steps.
  • Direct Driver Installation vs Drivers That Require Special Installations
  • Before we continue further, I would like to factor out that a few motherboard drivers can be installed directly at the PC without requiring any special setups.

On the opposite, some drivers may require you to install through a USB flash pressure. They will supply an error when established at once. Therefore, you will need to undergo the special installation process for these varieties of drivers.

How to Update Drivers That Require No Special Setup

This phase will inform you approximately the updating procedure of drivers that don’t require any prior setups and may be at once downloaded and used. The installation manner for these drivers is going like this.

Navigate to the folder in which you downloaded the motherboard drivers

  • Click at the download report
  • Windows spark off will greet you, click on good enough
  • Now observe the set up procedure to the step where it says you pick out the vicinity
  • Always set up your motherboard drivers in the C pressure, so select the C power for this set up

Now navigate thru the rest of the method

Once the set up starts, it’s far essential which you don’t interrupt it till completed completely
If the PC boots, permit it achieve this due to the fact restarts and reboots are regular while installing motherboard drivers on a PC
After the complete manner is finished, your motherboard drivers can be prepared to use
This simple manner is used to install motherboard drivers. If you’ve got accompanied it alongside, it only takes five-10 minutes at max and is not tough in any respect to execute.

How to Update Drivers That Require Special Installation

If any useful facts is present in the USB, make a backup for it due to the fact the USB may be formatted. It is a demand for updating the motherboard drivers, so as a great deal as I need to, I can’t evade that, sadly.

To format the USB force, do the following.

  • Plugin the USB power into the pc
  • Open the This PC tab
  • Right-click at the USB pressure and click on the layout alternative
  • Keep all of the settings default and hit the Ok button.
  • Your USB pressure will finally be formatted as a result
  • Ok, that is all there is to do with the USB power. After the layout is achieved, you can near the window and proceed further.

Now, to transform the raw down load report into some thing usable, we can want to transform it. We can try this with the aid of using the Rufus tool. This device will allow us to burn the driver document at the USB and make the USB bootable.

Prepare Your Downloaded Drivers for Installation

It isn’t possible to apply the uncooked downloaded record to replace the motherboard; consequently, to make the uncooked down load report usable, we want to do a chunk of converting first.

To do this, get an 8GB or extra USB flash drive, ideally the one that doesn’t incorporate any useful facts.

Unlike the drivers mentioned formerly, these drivers cannot be updated directly but rather require a string of complicated procedures to finish their set up.

Examples of such drivers include BIOS, chipset, and SATA Raid/AHCI drivers. Their approach of set up is as follows: