Get to know in detail about Helim 10 vs Zonbase

Get to know in detail about Helim 10 vs Zonbase

There is no one path to success when selling on Amazon. The market is fiercely competitive, and if you want to prevail there, you must be light years ahead of your rivals. Using Amazon seller software is one of the best methods to outperform your rivals.

Although there are many software solutions, not all of them are worthwhile. Two of the most widely used Amazon software suites on the market are ZonBase and Helium 10. Since both products are excellent, picking the right one for your company may be challenging, which is probably why you’re reading this. In this article, we’ll examine Helim 10 vs Zonbase in-depth before demonstrating the benefits of ZonBase.

What is the use of helium 10 and Zonbase?

A selection of tools for product research, keyword research, and other business operations are offered by the Helium 10 Amazon FBA software. Although the programme has many features, Helium 10 Cerebro, Helium 10 Xray, and Helium 10 Chrome Extension are some of the most well-liked ones. Soon, we’ll go into great detail about these tools.

Leading business solution ZonBase offers a variety of features to assist sellers in automating crucial business procedures. Along with additional tools and done-for-you services, the software provides tools for listing optimization, keyword research, and product research. The Zon Chrome Extension, ZonResearch, and its Reverse ASIN tool are a some of ZonBase’s more well-known tools. To learn more about these, continue reading.

Price Plans of Helium 10 and Zonbase

Up until recently, Helium 10 provided four options: a free plan, three premium plans (Platinum, Diamond, and Enterprise), and one unpaid plan. However, H10 recently reconsidered its strategies. Three paid plans and a free trial account are now available for the software. Here is how it appears right now. Although the free trial of Helium 10 never expires, several of the tools are only partially accessible. Of course, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan if you wish to grow your business. The Chrome extension is not available with the Starter Plan, which only grants you restricted access to certain of the features. The most suggested plan is the platinum Helium 10 plan. 

ZonBase offers two premium plans, the Standard and Legendary plans, as well as a 7-day free trial. While the legendary plan costs $67 per month, the basic plan just costs $37. You can use the majority of ZB’s features with either plan. But like the beginning plan for H10, the standard plan for ZB prevents access to the Chrome addon. You must upgrade to the legendary plan in order to utilise the Chrome extension. Before making a choice, you can test out all of ZonBase’s capabilities by registering for a free trial.

ZonBase is still an excellent tool even if Helium 10 is significantly more comprehensive. ZonBase is simple and intuitive compared to H10, which is pricey and might be confusing. The ideal software for your company ultimately depends on what your needs are. However, ZonBase is your best option if you’re a beginning seller on a tight budget. Check out this software even if you aren’t because you still need a useful tool that is also inexpensive and can help you save some money.

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