Detailed Guide to Troubleshoot TP-Link Repeater Red Light Issue

Detailed Guide to Troubleshoot TP-Link Repeater Red Light Issue

Many TP-Link repeater users have reported that they have been facing the red light issue with their wireless devices. Are you also experiencing the same issue? Well, it could be ruining your internet experience because of the following reasons:

  • Your TP-Link repeater is not receiving an uninterrupted power supply.
  • You haven’t performed TP-Link repeater setup via properly.
  • Your Internet Service Provider is not focused while working.
  • The connection between your wireless devices is far from stable.
  • The gap between your devices is way more than it should be.
  • Your repeater is not running on an updated firmware version.
  • WiFi interference can also cause the TP-Link repeater red light issue.

Now, walking through the below-mentioned troubleshooting hacks will help you fix the issue at hand in a matter of time.

How to Rectify TP-Link Repeater Red Light Issue?

  1. Restart Your TP-Link Repeater

We did not mention this point under the list of reasons above, but technical glitches can also lead you to the TP-Link repeater red light issue.

So, what to do to get rid of these glitches? Well, it’s simple. All you need to do is, give your repeater a restart. For that, you need to unplug your repeater from its wall socket, hold on for a couple of seconds, and then, reverse the very first step.

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

The connection between your TP-Link repeater and the host router is stable because the Ethernet cable connecting them is damaged. Therefore, bring a new Ethernet cable home and use it to establish a connection between your devices. navigate to the closest grocery store

  1. Pull Your WiFi Devices Closer

Another thing that can be done to turn the red light to green is to bring your TP-Link repeater and the host router in the same room. If they are placed in two different rooms, communication between them will not take place properly, thereby causing issues.

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  1. Contact Your ISP

If you still haven’t rectified the TP-Link repeater red light issue, it’s probably because of your Internet Service Provider. Therefore, waste no more time and call him up. Does he agree that the internet issue might be because of something that he missed while working? Yes? Well then, it’s time to give him a deadline to get the issue fixed.

  1. Perform TP-Link Firmware Upgrade

As mentioned as the sixth point in the list of reasons, an outdated firmware update can be one of the major reasons why the LED on your device is just not in the mood to turn green. To troubleshoot the issue, take our advice and give your TP-Link repeater a nice firmware update. You can update your device using either the Manual method or the Tether app.

  1. Eliminate WiFi Interference

Are you still not able to troubleshoot the TP-Link repeater red light issue? Well, you should get rid of WiFi interference as soon as possible then.

You can eliminate WiFi interference by relocating your repeater and keeping it away from the following things:

  • Aluminium studs
  • Corners
  • Concrete walls
  • Mirrors
  • Fish tanks
  • Televisions
  • Treadmills
  • Microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Cordless phones
  • Baby monitors
  • Washing machines
  • Bluetooth speakers

If even after your repeated efforts, you are unable to fix the TP-Link repeater red light issue, then wait no more to reconfigure your device. But, before you do that, restoring your repeater to its factory default settings is important.

  1. Reset and Reconfigure Device

Take the help of the following step-by-step guidelines and learn how to reset your TP-Link wireless repeater:

  • Find the Reset button on your WiFi device.
  • As soon as you find it, press it very carefully.
  • Count from 1 to 10.

In some time, your wireless repeater will get restored to its default factory settings. Now, access the tplinkrepeater login page and set up your TP-Link repeater from scratch.

Sum Up

The TP-Link repeater red light issue has given many sleepless nights to users. But, the ones who have given this post a read have resolved this within minutes and got their internet-usage experience back on track. We hope that after following the hacks mentioned above, you will also be able to turn the red LED on your device to green. If you do, don’t hesitate to leave a word of appreciation in the comment section.

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