What Is The Maximum Amount Of Weed That Goes In A Joint 

What Is The Maximum Amount Of Weed That Goes In A Joint 

Joints remain the best and cheapest way to experience the benefits of cannabis, although there are numerous weed gadgets on the market today. Apart from its more affordable price and easier way to roll it up, weed joints are portable as you will not be required to carry a backpack to house a bong.  

Also, they are a better entry-level way to experience weeds as you don’t need to know the difference between convection and conduction when rolling a joint. Even though there are different ways to roll a joint, such as through a cylinder method, most people do not understand the amount of weed a joint should have depending on the bioavailability.  

The following article will look at the maximum amount of weed that fits a joint. 

What is a Joint? 

A weed joint contains cannabis rolled up in a particular paper made of wood pulp, rice straw, flax, or hemp. To enjoy your joint, you lit one end of the joint and then ingest cannabis from the non-lit end through inhaling. There is a difference between joints, spliffs, and blunt. Spliffs are rolls filled with a mixture of tobacco and cannabis, while a blunt is a roll of cannabis rolled inside a cigar wrapped in tobacco. To roll a joint, you need your favorite cannabis, rolling paper, a tamping stick, pen, or similar object to help pack cannabis in the joint, and a lighter. Optionally, you can also have a rolling tray and a crutch. 

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What is the Maximum Amount of THC Your Joint Should Have? 

Determining the maximum amount of THC level in a joint is significant as it determines the psychoactive effect of cannabis you are likely to experience. Bioavailability is one sure way to determine the amount of THC you can tolerate. Bioavailability is the proportionate active effect of any substance absorb in the body. Your body will not absorb all the THC in cannabis; hence, there is a specific amount of THC you should consume depending on the amount your body can absorb. If you are a beginner and do not know how many grams of THC should be in a joint that your body can absorb, then you can consult an experienced user or an expert for prescriptions. 

According to cannabis experts, you can determine the amount of THC in a joint through a simple formula; the weight of a joint multiplied by the potency of the cannabis. However, you may not have the time to do the calculations or wish to skip such math; you should note that an average joint has 60 to 150grams of THC. 

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Amount of Weed That Should be in a Joint 

Apart from estimation, you can use a simple geometrical formula to calculate the amount of weed that can fit in a joint. One fundamental determinant of the amount of weed you need in a joint is the size of your rolled joint, which determines the space to be filled out. The amount of weed needs to fill the space in a joint is determine by the density of the bud. The maximum amount of weed that can fit a single wide joint is 0.28 grams. The single wide joint is perfect for solo joints or joints shared by up to three beginners.  

Secondly, for a 1¼ raw cone, 0.81 gram is the ideal measurement of weed that can fill the space. This is bigger enough to be shared among friends and appropriate for solo use by experienced cannabis consumers.  

Experienced cannabis users with a high tolerance may love using a 1 ½ rolling paper with a maximum of 1gram of weed. If you wish to have a long smoking experience, you may want a double rolling paper that is bigger in terms of dimensions. Using such a joint, you need a maximum of 1.46 grams of weed. 


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If you want to pack a more significant amount of weed in a joint, you will require wider rolling papers. You can also go for the Big Bambu rolling papers joint, accommodating up to 156 grams of weed. If you don’t like running through your weed, you can consider using smaller rolling papers that reduce the total cannabis to fit your joint.  

Besides, if you love inhaling cannabis using joints but hate rolling them and determining the amount of weed you need, you can buy a pre-roll joint from your nearest cannabis dispensary. Cannabis joint dispensaries that sell pre-joints carefully measure and determine the exact amount of weed that should be in a joint.   

How to Perfect Your Joint? 

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There are a few tips you can use, which include; 

  • In the beginning, use thicker paper which is easier to roll.  
  • Take your time to evaluate yourself—the amount of THC your body can absorb and the type of effect you wish to experience.   
  • Just use a little moisture to seal your joint and prevent it from getting soggy, which may affect your experience. 

Wrapping Up 

The amount of weed you consume from your joint will determine the effect you will experience. By buying a pre-rolled joint, you can be sure it has an adequate and measured amount of weed and THC, potent enough to get you high for both beginners and experienced consumers.