What Are The Types Of Kratom And Its Side Effects? 

What Are The Types Of Kratom And Its Side Effects? 

The use of opioids and opioid-like substances has a deep and rich history. While synthetic opioids are on the rise in modern times, people were accustomed to using natural herbs and plants that had the desired effects. Whether you wanted to relax after a tough day or you wanted to deal with any feelings of tension and anxiety, there was always a plant or a herb that could help you sort out your issues. One such plant is the Kratom tree. 

As with synthetic opioids, the Kratom tree has numerous benefits and side effects.

What is the Kratom Tree? 

You may be wondering what exactly this plant is with such a mouthful of a name. Well, the Kratom tree, or the Mitragyna speciosa, as scientists would call it, is a tropical evergreen tree primarily found in South East Asia. The tree is indigenous to countries such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. 

The Kratom tree leaves can be eaten or chewed raw, ground into powder, mixed with food, or even brewed into tea. You can also extract the sap from the tree to produce a liquid substance that you can drink. Due to its natural origins, the Kratom tree is a natural alternative to other synthetic medicines.  

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True to this, ancient communities in South East Asia used the Kratom tree and its extracts for medicinal purposes. Therefore, the growing adaptation of Kratom for herbal medicine in the present day is an extension of the wide use of the plant in ancient history. 

Types and Strains of Kratom 

Just as with other synthetic opioids or opioids derived from plants, Kratom has numerous strains and variants. Kratom is also in different colors. The following are some of the familiar strains of Kratom. 


Hailing from the Sumatra Islands of Indonesia, the Sumatra strain is very potent and long-lasting. Users of the green borneo kratom strain enjoy it because of its effects as a sleeping tool and an efficient stress relief agent. Those who mix it with water to brew tea also note its potency and lasting effects, allowing them to be relaxed and chilled as they drink. 

On the other hand, the white Sumatra Kratom has strong qualities as an agent of euphoria and focus assistance. The strain can keep you stimulated and focused the whole day, just as would be the case with a caffeinated drink such as coffee or a Red Bull.  

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While the effects of the Sumatra strain last very long, the strain is not quite as potent as other strains. This could be good since the psychoactive effects are slightly mild and chilled. 


As the name suggests, the green Malay Kratom originates in Malaysia. The Malay is one of the strains of the Kratom with long-lasting effects on the user. While the effects of this strain are durable, they are not quite as potent as those of other strains. It is beneficial in treating pain and providing energy when used in low doses. However, it causes a mild sedative effect when applied in high doses. The strain helps reduce any tension you may feel without the residual effects of drowsiness and fatigue.  

For this strain to be potent, you can mix it with other green or white strains. Mixing increases the ability of the plant to cause its desired effects. 

Maeng Da  

The Maeng Da is one of the Kratom plant’s most common and widely known strains. Hailing from Thailand, the strain is widely known for its potency and the strength of its effects. The strain provides an effective energy boost for people going through a long and tiring day. It is, therefore, a substitute for caffeine. Additionally, you can drink some Maeng Da tea when you want to improve your moods and keep yourself cheery and happy.  

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Because of the potency of the Maeng Da strain, many people prefer to take it in small doses to avoid dealing with the strong effects of the plant. While the effects of this strain are not entirely evident in small quantities, you can always add some more if you want to experience a more decisive kick. 


Hailing from the Borneo islands in South East Asia, the strain can also be referred to as Bali Kratom because merchants would purchase the strain from Borneo and sell it in Bali. Thus, you can use the names interchangeably in some situations. 

This strain is found in both red and green variants. Unlike other strains, the effects of the Borneo strain in providing energy are pretty mild. However, due to its analgesic qualities, you can use it as pain relief medication and cause a slight sense of euphoria. 

Vein Kratom 

Initially, users of the Kratom plant only used its leaves as they were easier to harvest and extract sap from. However, recently, users have been experimenting with the stems and the veins of the tree to obtain some of the products they intend to use. While researchers have not examined the effects of the strain as extensively as the other strains, they also consider them to have opioid-like effects, which can help treat chronic pain. 

Side Effects 

Following the comprehensive discussion of the effects and the benefits of the different Kratom strains, you may wonder why the FDA has not approved Kratom usage. Kratom has several side effects, which can be unbearable in some circumstances. 

The side effects could be mild in some circumstances. For instance, frequent urination, headaches, nausea, and loss of appetite are always present problems. In some extreme cases, using Kratom can have long-lasting effects such as psychosis, insomnia, and loss of appetite leading to Anorexia nervosa. Additionally, long-term and repeated use could lead to addiction. 

Parting Shot 

Whether you are thinking of taking Kratom for pain, relaxation, or simply the feeling of euphoria, consider speaking to a professional who could advise you on how much to use. Exercise caution by only using a little at a time and gradually increasing or reducing the dose to reflect how much you need to take to avoid the long-term and extensive side effects. If you have strong side effects, ensure you see your physician immediate