Tracking down The Perfect Ring!

Tracking down The Perfect Ring!

Purchasing a ring that fits impeccably is a definitive dream and many miss the point, particularly while shopping on the web. Gehna’s ring sizer will assist you with settling on the best decision each and every time. Whether it is a slim gold band or gold platted fashion ring forever ring, shopping on the web is simple and genuine satisfaction.

Whenever you’ve chosen your ring of the decision on our site and you’re not extremely certain of your ring size, just snap on the “Don’t have the foggiest idea about your ring size” choice and fill in your location and contact subtleties to get your free and advantageous ring sizer conveyed to your doorstep.

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Once conveyed, you can take a stab at the different ring sizes on the ring sizer on the finger of your inclination. The ring that fits you cozily, not excessively close and not excessively free, is the best one for you. Note down the numbers engraved on the ring marker, for instance: India Size 7 which is 1.51cm in measurement and named a US Size 4 1/4. Utilize these numbers to put in your request on our site.

Speedy TIPS:

We likewise have a couple of speedy tips for your following day of shopping. Consider a size bigger in the event that a ring with a wide band gets your extravagant and similarly as with every wearable thing; sizes fluctuate by country so make certain to twofold check with the recorded choices.

In the event that you lack the opportunity and willpower to hang tight for your ring sizer to be conveyed, you can likewise utilize our basic ring guide. There are two simple ways you can follow to decide your ring size with this aide.

The primary way is to choose a ring that you currently own that fits you impeccably. The ring ought to fit the wearing finger cozy and shouldn’t slide down with development. Assume this ring and position it against a ruler to quantify the inward breath, this can be estimated in centimeters or inches. Contrast your estimation and the table beneath and presto! Now is the ideal time to shop. Choose your number one ring from our broad ring assortment.

The second method for finding your ideal ring size is comparably simple. Enthusiastic ring sweethearts should seriously mull over keeping a print out of the beneath ring graph to make their night shopping binges much simpler. Once imprinted on an A4-size piece of paper, this diagram can be your aide for a speedy and proficient method for finding your ring size. Essentially place a ring that you currently own that fits you entirely on the circle that matches most intently. The internal lines of your ring ought to converge with the external line of the circle, this is your optimal ring size. Assuming that you believe you are in the middle between two sizes, consistently purchase the greater size. Notwithstanding, Gehna is known for hand-crafted gems so reach us to make a particular size or plan.

Your ring determination can now start, add your #1 pearl-studded creation or a solitaire jewel with a gleaming gold band to your truck now!