The Importance of Using Different Blogger Labels

The Importance of Using Different Blogger Labels

What Are the Steps to Add a Label to a Blog Post?

If you have established a blog and contributed several posts to it, you may be considered a blogger. Therefore, making use of labels to organise your blog posts is extremely important for you to do. Because using Label makes it simple for readers to the blog to navigate from one post to the next, we recommend using it.

Because of this, they will remain on your blog for a considerable amount of time, and your blog’s bounce rate will be significantly reduced as a result. Because of this, including a label on the blog is something that should be prioritised extremely highly. Because a blog’s earnings will be proportionally higher relative to its bounce rate, which should be kept as low as possible.

In the prior piece, I discussed with you the proper format for writing a post for the blog spot. Therefore, I will explain how to add a label to a blog post in this piece that I am writing for you. You’ll have no trouble adding categories to your blog if you just follow this guide, which can be found here.

Using labels, as I explained to you before, makes it lot simpler for visitors to your site to grasp what your site is about. This indicates that labels are used to present comparable content together, such as when you have 10 posts on your blog that are connected to SEO.

The Importance of Using Different Blogger Labels

The material of our blog is more easily organised thanks to the labels. And if you’re content topic savvy, finding readers won’t take up nearly as much of your time.

Because of this, visitors and blog owners alike should place a high value on labels.

The primary subject of the blog can be broken down into a variety of subtopics with the assistance of labels.

The posts on a blog can be categorised in a variety of ways. Readers save a significant amount of time as a result of the topic being shared because they may more easily locate the post of their choosing.

Labels are capable of serving the purpose of classifications.

Labels make blog navigation easy.

Using labels, blog postings may be easily organised and controlled.

A Detailed Guide on Adding Labels to Blogger Posts Step by Step

Step: #1

Visit and sign in with your existing Google account to get started. To log in, you’ll need to use your Gmail ID and password. And ensure that you sign in to Blogger using the same account that you used for Sing.

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Step: #2

The Blogger Dashboard will appear in front of you once you have successfully logged in to Blogger. Using the Down Arrow, you can navigate to the Blog List and choose your own blog to post to from this location. Specifically, the blog hosted on Blogger that you wish to update. In the event that you maintain more than one blog. If you only have one blog, you can skip this step and move on to the next.

Step: #3
Now the dashboard that is specific to your blog will appear before you. In this section, you will see a list of all of the different sorts of posts that you have published or drafted. To edit a single post from this screen, click on the title of the post you want to change.

Step 4: After you have completed this step, the Post Editor window will appear in front of you. Now, within the Post Settings on the right, select Labels to make your selection.
Step 5: will open the Label Box in front of you. If you imply that this is connected to your post, then in the Label Box you should put the name of the subject matter that your post is about. In addition, you can input multiple subjects by separating them with commas.
Step 6: After you’ve added the labels, you can change this post by selecting the “Update” button located at the top of the page.

Congratulations! You have now attained mastery of the skill of adding Labels to Blogger Posts. You can add labels to other posts just like you can add them to this post.


What new things have you picked up?

You will learn everything you need to know about adding Labels to Blogger Posts by reading this tutorial that we have prepared for you. You are familiar with what Labels are and how to add them to a post on Blogger, right? We are hopeful that you may find this guide to be helpful in some way.

WARNING: When adding labels, make sure to always use the label that is relevant to the topic. In addition, you shouldn’t use more than two-thirds of the labels. Because if you add multiple labels to the same post, then it will be difficult for your readers to find the content they are looking for. Therefore, you should never use any other label but “2/3.” When adding a label, it is important to remember to always place a comma (,) in the middle of the label. In that case, your labels will not function properly. As was previously mentioned and displayed on the screen.