Pyramid Solitaire Card Game Rules and Top-Tier Winning Strategies

Pyramid Solitaire Card Game Rules and Top-Tier Winning Strategies

If you love playing solitaire, then you must have heard about pyramid solitaire as this solitaire variant is very popular and high in demand among both children and adults.

Pyramid solitaire is a type of solitaire that gained alot of popularity because of being interesting.

Yes, it is fascinating but it is not very easy and simple you need lots of strategies and tricks in order to win this variant of solitaire.

The winning ratio of pyramid solitaire is not that much high as only 1 in 50 people can win this game.

Yes, we all know that pyramid solitaire is very difficult that’s why we’ve decided to provide you with its game rules and top-tier winning strategies so that you dont feel any difficulty anymore.

Let’s have a look at them.

Rules of Pyramid Solitaire:

Pyramid solitaire is of two types: Classic pyramid solitaire and Modern pyramid solitaire. But the game rules of both types are mostly the same.

Most players enjoy playing modern pyramid solitaire more as it is easier and more interesting than classic pyramid solitaire.

The main goal of both types is the same that is: The players have to remove all the cards from the pyramid as fast as they can.

But keep in mind that the minimum number of moves you use the more points will be earned.

There are purists who argue that the pyramid should not include cards you can handle yourself.

We have separately discussed the rules of both types so that you can understand them more properly.

Rules Of Classic Pyramid Solitaire:

  • Once the remaining cards present in the stock are dealt out now they can be combined once again.
  • And there is no need for shuffling or redelivering. It can only be done 3 times only.
  • To make this game challenging and interesting, you should win by using a single deal.
  • As this classic type of Pyramid can be played either way, the objective is to remove all cards from the deck of the pyramid.

Rules Of Modern Pyramid Solitaire:

  • We all know that the main goal of pyramid solitaire is to remove all the cards from the pyramid but if you want to make this interesting game more interesting then it can be done by removing the card in the deck.
  • It is only possible to deal out the cards once, at the base of the game table.
  • Logic and planning skills can be tested with the temporary card store.
  • Alternatively, the player can choose one of the three cards dealt at the bottom or deal from the pyramid immediately.
  • The temporary card store can only store one card at a time, but you can use it anywhere in the game.

Strategies for Winning Pyramid Solitaire:

As we all know that winning pyramid solitaire is not easy at all but if you win the game the mental satisfaction and happiness will be incredible. The feeling of accomplishment is great when you win.

Make sure you follow all these tips while playing so that winning the game will be much easier for you. 

  • Always start with the most important card which is King.
  • Eliminating them from the pyramid will be much easier as they own the value of 13 alone.
  • You should always eliminate cards from the pyramid that expose other cards.
  • It will give you more options as the game progresses if you expose cards evenly in the pyramid.
  • Avoid playing the fourth card of a rank from the deck if a pyramid has three cards of the same rank.
  • Playing from the discarded pile is much better than playing from the deck.


Winning the pyramid solitaire is not as easy as it sounds. But there are lots of possibilities of winning the game after learning the rules and strategies.

Make sure you practice alot otherwise you can’t win the game at any cost.