Perfect Engagement: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Perfect Engagement: Hot Air Balloon Ride

What is it like to fly a hot air balloon when a couple gets married? It’s amazing. As a hot air balloon pilot, I experience many marriage offers every summer. It never gets old and it is a privilege to be part of such an intimate moment in people’s lives.

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I often find that most women never get it and most men need a little encouragement. Everyone wants it to be perfect, which means finding the perfect moment. It can be challenging to see a 20-foot fireball fire into a hot air balloon every 20 seconds. The plan is usually to do it at a height (about 3-4 thousand feet), pat the man on the shoulder to let them know it’s time, and start a long fire. It gives her 20-30 seconds to express her love and kneel on one knee.
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You will be amazed at how good some of these good gentlemen are. Some recited good poems, others spoke of them when they knew their dear half was one, and others were right.

No matter what these gentlemen say, I still watch the reactions of women. Her eyes widened in amazement and her cheeks gleamed. Hugging after saying yes is hard to describe. It’s ridiculous magic. For the rest of the hot air balloon flight, I have a chance to find out how they met, and then jokingly ask, “Have you set a plan and date yet?”

The recipe for perfect company
Book a private hot air balloon ride (business company is valuable)
Take your backpack and leave the ring there until you are ready (don’t check if it’s still there)
Make a 360-degree video, it’s just another $ 100, and it’s worth every penny to get 360-degree moment.

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