Bubble wrap, cardboard, adhesive, covers, and straps are the basic protective packaging equipment for a move. Nevertheless, there are other more specific materials to have as well. 

If you are moving alone, the first step is to have the right equipment and materials, especially in terms of minimizing risks, injuries, and breakages. 

Without high-quality equipment, there can be no good results. That is why we will guide you in choosing the materials that must be prepared for the big day.

Why it’s important to have quality moving equipment

Pack your belongings and personal effects in moving boxes of different sizes to reduce the risk of breakage and make the boxes lighter.

To-Do List of accessories to have when moving

Adhesive rolls:

In order to close your boxes easily, do not hesitate to provide an adhesive dispenser that simplifies your life. This is an essential element when closing your moving boxes.

Bubble wrap :

An essential accessory for packing fragile or valuable items. Do not forget to put the air bubbles inside the car. They have a protective air cushion and help to absorb shocks. With bubble wrap, you can easily wrap your dishes, mirrors, bottles, vases, and any other fragile object.

Freezer bags:

When disassembling the furniture, remember to put the screws in these small bags, then stick them directly on the furniture. This will prevent you from losing the screws and getting tangled when installing them.


It is a useful accessory when packing boxes. Indeed, you can write the name of the part or the object on the cardboard.

Tool kit :

When dismantling your furniture, screwdrivers and hammers will be your best friends.

Mattress moving cover:

Indispensable for moving your mattresses. The mattress moving cover keeps your bedding clean and protects you from dust. When you move on rainy days, your mattress will also be protected from moisture.

Stretch film:

The function of stretch film is the same as twine and adhesive. It protects your furniture by keeping doors and drawers closed during transport. Unlike adhesives that leave traces of glue, the film leaves no traces on your objects. It is very easy to use, flexible and lightweight.

Moving boxes:

To pack your belongings, you need to invest in high-quality boxes. To avoid damage, we advice you to bring strong boxes suitable for movement and will not yield to transport. There are also boxes for packing fragile items, such as plates, bottles, glasses, etc.

Moving Equipment To-Do List

The heavy equipment


A ladder or stepladder can be useful when searching for items in high places or for removing lampshades.


Straps ensure safe transportation of furniture when traveling by truck. Indeed, their use makes it possible to keep the balance between the objects and the vehicle, thus avoiding falls in the truck.

Transport tray:

The tray or rolling corners, as its name suggests, allow heavy furniture to be rolled. It shares the same principle as the tank and provides comfort for your travels. 

Vehicle :

If you wish to use a truck/van to transport your furniture, it is possible to contact a rental professional. To choose the vehicle, you will need to indicate the number of pieces of furniture and boxes to determine the volume to be transported.

The small equipment


The clothes you wear when you move are as important as the equipment you use. Protective gloves should be used to avoid cuts or splinters. Then, the use of safety shoes or closed shoes is essential to minimize the risks. 

Lifting cable:

Cable hoists are used to transport bulky furniture. Therefore, when using these moving household appliances or furniture, the risk of injury is avoided. 

Garbage bag:

If there are still things to throw away, using garbage bags is always useful to simply throw away the adhesive scraps or the broken boxes.

First aid kit :

An injury happens quickly! It is better to provide disinfectant, dressings, and other care materials.

Survival bag:

A few days before the move, it is best to prepare a bag where you can plan to store the essentials for the day because all your belongings will be stored in your boxes, and it won’t be easy to find each other. Inside, you can put a toothbrush, chargers, changing clothes, and shower gel.