How to Use Linkedin to Find a Job as a Freelance Writer?

How to Use Linkedin to Find a Job as a Freelance Writer?

Did you recognize that LinkedIn is a first-rate platform for freelancers? Yes!

You can discover ways to use LinkedIn to find a process truly by means of optimizing your LinkedIn profile as a freelance creator.

When I first began out as a web creator, I determined to apply Twitter and LinkedIn to promote my freelance writing provider. I made sure to speak approximately my writing carrier, percentage of my patron pieces, or display my credibility as a creator of the one’s structures.

If you’re a modern-day freelance writer and the way to Get LinkedIn Likes, then LinkedIn should be a platform you use for first-rate jobs on LinkedIn!

So, allow’s dive into this social media commercial enterprise platform and discover ways to use LinkedIn to discover a task.

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What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform geared toward professionals. I take a look at it because of the commercial enterprise facet of Facebook.

Professionals who use LinkedIn display their process experience and task history. Brands and businesses use LinkedIn to percentage their brand and team. Your LinkedIn profile is set up like an internet resume.

My LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile has places for every job you had, and you can attach your patron pieces, guest portions, or samples in your weblog post. On my LinkedIn profile, I actually have a link to my route, Write Your Way to Your First $1k and my Innovative Ink writer internet site.

Your profile also has spots on your:


Skills & endorsements – people on LinkedIn suggest your competencies, and you could do the same for them.

Recommendations – these are testimonials from connections you’ve made on LinkedIn.

Interests – those are corporations you want or enterprises and pages on LinkedIn you like.

If you’re today, you can easily join up for a loose LinkedIn account. Fill out as lot as you may. Over time you could tweak and optimize your profile for freelance writing.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job as Freelance Writers

1 Fill Out Your LinkedIn Profile

When filling out your experience (online resume) on LinkedIn, I wouldn’t fill out your present-day or beyond paintings if you want to be a contract author.

Instead, I could make your LinkedIn profile just for your freelance writing business.

However, in case your work enjoy lends itself nicely to your freelance writing area of interest, then go away from it.

For instance, in case you are a nurse, and also you want to break into scientific writing, then your revel in as a nurse might benefit your LinkedIn profile.

Note: you couldn’t have more than one LinkedIn profile (as is the same for a non-public Facebook account).

If you’ve got one for your contemporary activity, make certain you are comfortable adding a few freelance writing capabilities to your profile. If you experience which you don’t need your company to find out you’re moonlighting as a freelancer, then I wouldn’t use LinkedIn right now.

I could wait until you do not work at that task or whilst you permit your boss to recognise what you are doing.

Instead, you could use Twitter or Facebook to market your freelance writing provider.

Go ahead and sign on to LinkedIn for your freelance writing, but what do you put in your revel?

You can position your author’s internet site and samples first, and normally you fill your profile with customers you’ve landed.

But, in case you’re new, you couldn’t do that. Instead, fill your LinkedIn profile with visitor posting possibilities.

When filling out your Interests and groups, make certain they relate to your niche or provider. Just search your niche subject matter on LinkedIn and pick out “companies.”

2. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

When you learn how to use LinkedIn to find a job you’ll see that to begin attracting freelance writing jobs to you, you want to start the use of keywords for your profile. LinkedIn uses a search set of rules to help human beings locate relevant terms they type in the LinkedIn search bar.

So, when you placed the right key phrases in your profile, LinkedIn will start dishing up your profile while a person searches for the one’s key terms.

Let’s observe wherein you could place keywords in your profile:

Title – you may have multiple identities. For instance, “tech author name on LinkedIn.

Bio – LinkedIn offers you an About section that you can use in your bio. Place keywords about your niche and carrier. For instance, I use key phrases like B2B digital advertising, landing web page replica, B2B and B2C groups, and so on.

3. Follow Brands & Businesses You Want to Write For

Start following the manufacturers and organizations which can be your freelance writing area of interest. Once you do, their posts will show up on your feed.

You can start enticing with their posts with the aid of commenting and sharing them as a way to get on the radar of those groups.

4 Write Articles on LinkedIn

What’s remarkable approximately LinkedIn is that it’s also a publishing platform, and you could create writing samples easily on LinkedIn to exhibit for your profile.

This can attract LinkedIn jobs, in particular in case you create enterprise-precise samples.

For instance, I created this put-up this is associated with my virtual advertising and marketing area of interest:

When writing articles on LinkedIn, make certain that it is formatted for online reading and makes use of photos or screenshots to assist a reader study the content.

Here is an instance of right formatting:

Hacks to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

There are two approaches you could use your articles on LinkedIn to land more LinkedIn jobs.

The first is to put up greater frequently. See if you can submit an industry-specific topic each week for a month.

Make sure to percentage it in your other social media money owed and, if you have a creator website, the hyperlink in your LinkedIn article.

The second manner to land extra freelance writing jobs is to add a CTA at the top of your LinkedIn articles. This is a name-to-action and something you need the reader to do.

So, for your submission, you can upload a blurb approximately your writing carrier and link to your writer’s internet site or touch page.

Here is what I use on my LinkedIn posts:

Want content material much like this on your digital advertising and marketing weblog? My name is Elna, and I’m a B2B digital advertising and marketing creator for small agencies and brands, and I would really like that will help you! Check out my portfolio to look greater at my writing.

5 Connect to Businesses You See On Job Boards

A superb manner to discover freelance writing gigs is to apply to job boards. There are many loose ones you could use that list capacity writing gigs at top rates.

But, you may make sure those commercials are respectable however finding out the agencies that posted the advertisements, on LinkedIn.

You can see who is working at that commercial enterprise and hook up with their editor or advertising and marketing director.

For instance, on the Problogger activity board, there’s a task advert for a software program overview author from the corporation Cloudwards.

The process advert has a link to their website, however, I additionally need you to peer in the event that they have a profile on LinkedIn. This can give you more facts about the company and you may connect to them on that platform.

As you may see, they do have a profile on LinkedIn.