Gable Boxes Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Gable Boxes Made Simple – Even Your Kids Can Do It

Gable boxes are a secure packaging solution. They are made from a flat sheet of paper that folds conveniently to make an attractive box. They can be made in different styles and sizes depending upon the type of product. Kraft gable boxes are the most popular ones. They are designed with a handle at the top to make them easy to carry. These boxes have an easily assembling mechanism and are shipped flat. Due to it, they have become a preferred choice of various manufacturers. You can order custom gable boxes wholesale at affordable rates to meet your packaging needs. But now it is not difficult to make them on your own. Even your kids can do it just with little creativity. They can color and decorate them in the way they want. No matter what the party theme is, you can design them accordingly. They add elegance and style to your product’s packaging. Below are some of the steps how gable boxes can be made easily, even by kids:

Material Required For Gable Boxes:

Gable boxes are extremely easy to make. You need nothing to purchase from the market. Just use the supplies available with you. The things you require are

  • Paper Sheets
  • Ruler
  • Scissors Or A Sharp Knife
  • A Strong Adhesive
  • A Gable Box Template

Printing the Template For Gable Boxes:

The easiest way to make a gable box is to find an online template and download it on a colored sheet of paper. Cut down all solid lines which will make the box. Use a ruler to score the dashed lines. Fold them neatly to make creases.

Glue the Parts Together:

Once the template gets prepare, glue the tabs on the side of the template. This will close together the four walls of the box. Make sure you apply the adhesive inside the tabs and pasting them on the opposing walls. In this way, it does not show as the box gets prepared.

Folding the Flaps:

The bottom of the box contains a 45-degree dashed line that sticks out. Put the glue on the right side of it to cover the tab. Next, fold the larger flap to the bottom. Next, take the other tab on which you applied glue and stick them together. Repeat the process with the bottom flaps. Once the flaps are creating, try to flatten their corners along the base to make it sharper.

Gable Boxes: Creating the Handle:

Now it’s time to work on the top of the box again. Hold the two opposing tabs of the handle and bring them together to touch each other. Insert the nub in the slit to make a closure. Repeat the step with another side. You are done with the box.

Make Your Kids Enjoy with Gable Boxes:

Now it’s the time to put DIY Kraft gable boxes to good use. Your kids can enjoy themselves with them in many ways. First, make them decorate it by using colorful pictures, beads, glitter, stickers, ribbons, and other embellishments. These wonderful gable boxes can use for gift packaging. There are unlimited options to make them crafty and customized. You can add the recipient’s name to it and give it out as party favors on your kid’s birthday. They can also be used as a lunch box for school on special days. Your kids can fill them with candies, chocolates, and other treats. These custom gable boxes are a fun project opportunity for kids. They will enjoy making and decorating them. You can keep them busy for hours without incurring an extra cost.