Everything You Need To Know About Season Passes To Disney

The Walt Disney World Annual Pass can be a great cash-saving tip and visit more. 

Season passes to Disney presented another program of APs that went at a bargain on September 8, 2021, and here is all that you want to be aware of!

In August 2021, Disney declared four new sorts of Annual Season passes to Disney World. These supplant the more established layered framework that included Platinum Passes, Gold Passes, and so on.

The new Passes each have their inclusions (and a few prohibitions); read on to see which Pass works for you!

Disney Park Pass for Annual Passholders

Disney Park Pass reservations are expected for Annual Passholders. Each kind of Annual Pass recorded above accompanies its own designated number of Park Passes that the Passholder can hold at some random time.

When a Park Pass is utilized (for example you went to a Park — yea!), you can make one more in My Disney Experience, with the goal that you can constantly be holding your permitted number of Park Pass reservations.

Disney Park Passes that can be held by each degree of Pass are:

  • 3 Disney Park Passes for Pixie Dust Passes
  • 4 Disney Park Passes for Pirate Passes
  • 5 Disney Park Passes for Sorcerer Passes
  • 5 Disney Park Passes for Incredi-Passes

Bonus Disney Park Passes

Notwithstanding the permitted number of Season passes to Disney, Disney will likewise offer BONUS Park Passes.

These Bonus Park Passes won’t combine with your total (so assuming you’re permitted five Disney Park Pass reservations, you could hold six with the Bonus Pass).

Bonus DPPs might be well defined for select Parks (for example a bonus DPP that’s great just for Animal Kingdom on a specific day). See your schedule in My Disney Experience while making your bonus reservation.

Passholders will see these Bonus Disney Park Pass contributions on their DPP schedule, annotated with a star.

Yearly Pass Perks

All Annual Passholders are qualified for the accompanying advantages:

  • Free Standard Theme Park Parking
  • Up to 20% off on dining, and shopping, and that’s just the beginning
  • Park Hopping
  • Limits on certain visits, spa treatments, After Hours occasions, and that’s just the beginning
  • Intermittent limits on Resort reservations

Yearly Pass Add-Ons

With the coming of the Pixie Dust, Pirate, Sorcerer, and Incredi-Passes, Season passes to Disney offer additional items that any Passholder can select for an expense.


For $99 per Pass each year, Passholders can get to the accompanying exercises and encounters with no blockout dates.

  • Blizzard Beach Water Park
  • Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • Oak Trail Golf Course
  • Foot Golf at Oak Trail
  • Rhapsody Gardens Miniature Golf (one round before 4 PM)
  • Winter Summerland Miniature (one round preceding 4 PM)
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex


For Annual Passholders who like to gather photographs and computerized downloads of their excursions, a PhotoPass Add-On will be accessible for $99 each year. The PhotoPass Add-On incorporates:

  • Computerized downloads of PhotoPass photographs and recordings, including those caught on attractions
  • Admittance to those downloads from the main substantial date of the Pass until its expiration
  • Limits on prints and actual item buys
  • Buying a New Annual Pass

At the point when accessible, Annual Passes might be bought:

  • On the My Disney Experience application
  • On DisneyWorld.com
  • Face to face at an amusement park ticket window
  • Face to face at the Disney Ticket Center in Disney Springs
  • Via telephone at (407)W-Disney
  • Current Passholder Options
  • Recharges

Assuming you as of now hold a Season passes to Disney and you are not in your restoration period, you will want to utilize your ongoing Pass until you enter your recharging period.

When you do, you will be expected to reestablish into one of the new Passes.

Restoration PERKS

However long current Annual Season passes to Disney select into a comparable Pass under the new construction when it’s the ideal opportunity for them to reestablish, they will hold their ongoing advantages regardless of whether they’re excluded from the new Pass.

For instance, a few current Passes incorporate PhotoPass; on the off chance that an ongoing Passholder reestablishes to a comparable new Pass level, they will hold PhotoPass and not need to pay for it as an extra $99.


Passholders are restricted in the number of park reservations they can hold at any one time. The cutoff points are:

  • Disney Incredi-Pass: Up to 5 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: Up to 5 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney Pirate Pass: Up to 4 Park Pass reservations
  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: Up to 3 Park Pass reservations

Assuming a Passholder likewise has a Disney Resort lodging reservation they are permitted to make park Season passes to Disney for that booking notwithstanding the designation above.

Current Ticketholder Options

Assuming you have previously bought a theme park ticket that has not been utilized, select ticketholders will be qualified to move up to choose Season passes to Disney choices.

There will ultimately be five distinct ways of doing this:

  • Inside the My Disney Experience application
  • Utilizing My Disney Experience online at DisneyWorld.com
  • At a theme park ticket window
  • At the Disney Ticket Center at Disney Springs
  • By telephone at (407)W-Disney

Is The Disney World Incredi-Pass Annual Pass Worth It?

Once more, if you’re a DVC part, you can pick between an Incredi-Pass and a Sorcerer Pass. If you’re a Florida occupant, you can pick between each of the four of those passes.

In those cases, read this part and afterward continue to peruse for more examination of those passes.

Be that as it may, if you’re not in those pails, your main Season passes to Disney choice is the Incredi-Pass, so the examination is really direct.

A five-day grown-up Disney World ticket with park container in April 2022 from Undercover Tourist costs $582.

This implies two five-road trips will run you about $1,164 for tickets, or about $219 under an Incredi-Pass.

Assuming you have three excursions, you’ll presumably have little trouble supporting the Incredi-pass.

On the off chance that your two road trips are more limited than five days, it very well may be somewhat more troublesome (begin by seeing ticket costs on dates you’re thinking about and run this investigation from that point).

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With one long excursion, it’s improbable you’ll have the option to legitimize the Incredi-pass.

For our model, we’ll stay with our two five-road trips adding up to around $1,164. On the off chance that you’re not remaining at a Disney resort, the parking benefit will save you $25 each day or $250 throughout ten days in Season passes to Disney, which legitimizes the pass.

Any other way, you’d have to spend no less than $1,095 on select eating and merchandise to legitimize the Incredi-pass.

That is simply more than $100 each day, which isn’t excessively a lot on the off chance that you have no less than one table help feast each day for no less than two individuals (or some same).