Celebrating your child’s first birthday? HELP!

Celebrating your child’s first birthday? HELP!

Celebrating your child’s first birthday: Your child’s first birthday is when your baby becomes a toddler. This is of course a milestone that you should definitely consider, but what is the best way to do this? What’s the best way to celebrate your child’s first birthday and should you do it the way many young parents do?

Why are you celebrating your child’s first birthday?

There is a good chance that you as young parents will frown upon reading the headline of this article and especially the fact that there is a question mark behind it.

However, this question mark has been deliberately chosen, how surprising this may seem. Celebrating your child’s first birthday is an absolute no-brainer for many people. This is definitely going to happen and big too! However, not every parent feels that way….

The mindset that many parents have about celebrating their baby’s first birthday makes perfect sense. Time flies and this cliché certainly applies if you got a family addition in the form of a small crumb about a year ago.

It is a moment that you will of course never forget, but the period that came after that is certainly not. After all, the arrival of the little one has undoubtedly changed your life considerably in both a positive (but let’s be honest) and sometimes a negative sense.

Warm memories

During the first year, you will undoubtedly have enjoyed your little pride and have warm memories of the moments when you went out with your child. Your child will not get to know, what’s exactly going on, and he even does not know how old am I today, bus yes all the photos and your memories will help him one day to know everything that happened on his first birthday. 

Take a look at photos of these moments. What did you look like yourself? Maybe with some bags under the eyes from the continuously broken nights you’ve had to endure?

The above makes many young parents wonder why they should celebrate their child’s first birthday.

Is this a milestone for your little one or a cause for celebration that you have survived the first year of parenthood? Young parents probably recognize this question and know that the latter is a huge achievement.

Whatever the answer to the above question is:

When your child turns 1 it is cause for celebration, but in what way?

Hooray 1 year, the first birthday party has to be celebrated!

There are people who dread celebrating their first birthday. There have been weeks of doubts about how best to tackle this happy moment. This doubt is easily explained:

Chances are you still have the photo of yourself sitting in front of that cake with one candle on it. The tradition is still that children on their first birthday can tackle this cake in the way they want to.

There are no rules, the crazier the better, and the cameras and video cameras are on alert. Hooray, 1 year!


This photo opportunity does have a downside that you don’t see in the picture. After all, according to tradition, the first (children’s) birthday should be celebrated in a grand manner.

The house is full of guests wanting snacks and drinks, your guests’ children are running around and sitting on your things that you are so careful with, drinking glasses fall over, more and more whipped cream hands are visible on your couch, and pieces of sausage are pricked on your cactus and as young parents, you are constantly trying to steer the party in the right direction so that nothing comes of the toast to this “happy moment”.

The worst part of the story is that your child eventually can’t remember anything about this party and afterward is overtired from the stimuli that he received on that day with all the consequences that entail.

In addition, many parents are very disappointed afterward that they did not receive much from the party, but that only the pile of dishes and some tidying up are a reminder of this milestone.

This is exactly the reason that many parents wonder how the first birthday of their child should be celebrated.

Isn’t going out to dinner together as parents a better idea?

How do you celebrate your child’s first birthday party?

Ok, the above is a sketch of the worst nightmare that you can imagine as parents, but it is an example from practice.

Let’s assume that going out for dinner together as parents is a good idea, but this can be combined with organizing a nice party to celebrate the first birthday of your little one. 

How can you enjoy such a party yourself?


You can do this by making sure you have your hands as free as possible ( no stress ). Not only during the preparations for the birthday party but certainly on the day itself. Gallant en More can certainly help you with this by taking a lot of things off your hands.

  • Help with the preparations for the party.
  • We ensure that the guests are received.
  • Ensure that everyone is provided with snacks and drinks.
  • The birthday cake is served.
  • The resulting mess is cleared up.
  • Make sure you can toast to everyone.
  • Leftover pieces of sausage and bitterballen are removed in time so that they do not fly across the room.
  • And (most important of all) we make sure that you can say afterward that you enjoyed this day (if you ate out together).

Does this sound like an attractive idea to you?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

After all, as far as we are concerned, it does not have to be a question of whether you should celebrate your child’s first birthday.

We can offer our services at any location, so both at your home or elsewhere. Gallant and More ensure that unforgettable moments will be remembered in the right way. In this case, your child’s 1st birthday.