Best Villas for Rent in Qatar

Best Villas for Rent in Qatar

When it comes to finding a suitable family-style house for rent in Qatar. You can’t go past the idea of renting a villa. Villas for rent in Qatar are of a high standard and are very spacious which will make any family comfortable. Due to the population and economic growth was seen in Qatar. And in particular the capital Doha, over the past decade. The demand for housing of the highest standard has continued unabated.

In Qatar, one will find the vast majority of villas for rent in Doha which is the largest city. Its shimmering skyline, and ocean views. And vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle makes it very attractive for couples, families, and those who live a single life. These villas are spread across gated compounds and open communities with stand-alone houses for rent in Qatar.

The benefit of renting a villa is that you can often make good use of the garage, and garden. And backyard that it usually comes with. It’s ideal for entertaining in the cooler months with backyard barbeques and get-togethers. These villas also give you enough space between your neighbors so you can enjoy more privacy.

Whether you’re after a one-level villa or don’t mind the stairs in a 2 story home, there’s plenty to choose from. Some villas may even come with an additional level though the size of this might vary. Maid’s rooms are common additions to villas for rent in Qatar. Which can double as storage space if you don’t have a maid.

Where to find a great villa for rent in Qatar

Areas that prove popular with families in finding a house for rent in Qatar include Al Waab, Ain Khaled, and West Bay Lagoon – all of which are in Doha. The nearby shopping centers, education facilities, and parks are major draw cards. Al Sadd and The Pearl Qatar prove popular with couples and young professionals. Abu Hamour has some very modern villas which are always in demand by renters.

Villas for rent in Al Waab have a wide range of 3 bedroom to 7 bedroom villas for rent – great small and large families. This is also where you’ll have the greatest number of options when considering a villa for rent in Qatar. If you’d like to be closer to the coast of Doha, check out the villas for rent in West Bay Lagoon – they have some wonderful ocean views.

Qatar is home to a very diverse Expat population which brings with it a unique blend of tastes and styles. As such, developers continuously strive to deliver affordable, stylish villas that appeal to everyone.

Villas for rent are located in Doha

Although the bulk of villas for rent are located in Doha, areas like Al Wakra to the South of Doha and Al Khor to the North of the country are also popular locations. More than half of the population live in the capital but the rapid development of road infrastructure across Qatar has made living elsewhere in the country attractive for many.

As Qatar powers on towards hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022 which will attract thousands of tourists, potential new residents, and investors, it is also rapidly improving the quality of life of its residents. With so many houses becoming available across the market in Qatar, you have your work cut out for you when choosing which villa to rent in Qatar.

Browsing through the villas for rent in Doha

Finding a villa for rent in Doha is becoming an easier task for the prospective tenant as the city expands due to unprecedented growth. The influx of Expats and tourists has sparked a great demand for quality, affordable housing, and the real estate market has reacted well to meet this demand. Coupled with investment and direction from the government of Qatar, Doha is setting a new standard of living for everyone to enjoy by way of the humble villa.

The main attraction of villas is that they provide more family-centric living, usually encompassing your own garage and backyard, perfect for entertainment in Doha’s cooler months. Renting a villa even for the short term is ideal when you wish to make the absolute most of your short stay in Doha whilst enjoying the comforts of a suburban home.

2bhk villas for rent in Doha

Villas tend to have at least 2 bedrooms but as they are built to cater to family life, it’s more common to find villas with 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms. It’s also not uncommon to find villas for rent in Doha with 6 bedrooms or more for the growing or extended family. The villas for rent in Doha Qatar are designed for the local climate and are built to be comfortable all year round. There are a good mix of 1 and 2-story villas though some may include the 3rd level for extra space.

Within Doha, it is quite popular to find villas for rent in Al Waab. Which has seen tremendous growth in recent years and is in high demand. Due to its greenery, and proximity to the Villagio Mall as well as Doha Sports City.

The number of quality villas for rent in Doha is on the rise

An equally popular area to find quality housing are in the villas for rent in West Bay Lagoon which is perfect for families seeking a quieter lifestyle whilst still being close to the action of central Doha. Villas for rent in Ain Khaled, just near Salwa Road are spread out generously across the district and go from 2 bedrooms in size right up to 5 bedrooms.

Villas for rent in Al Gharrafa are seen as an excellent choice to find a comfortable modern home as it is close to Education City and conveniently located near at least 4 shopping centers, namely Landmark Mall, Ezdan Mall, Gulf Mall, and the LuLu Hypermarket.

Luxury villas for rent in Abu Hamour

There are also many luxury villas for rent in Abu Hamour. The villas here are large and spacious and have their own unique designs which would certainly be of interest for even the most discerning house-hunter.

Villas for rent in The Pearl Qatar is a stunning land reclamation masterpiece with many luxury villas available on the market. It’s ideal for anyone looking to live on a national landmark and close to entertainment options.

The ocean and city views from The Pearl are excellent and are a huge draw card for renters. Who seek something truly unique. As one of the city’s newest residential developments. These are without a doubt some of the most in-demand villas for rent in Doha. Has to offer and they don’t stay vacant for long.

As the capital of Qatar sets its sights on bigger goals for the future. The city continues to be very attractive for those seeking villas for rent in Doha. No matter your budget, or space requirements. Or personal tastes, you will no doubt find a villa for rent in Doha that is just right for you.

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