Benefits of Being a Ceridian Consulting Partner

Benefits of Being a Ceridian Consulting Partner

If you want to become a Ceridian Consulting Partner, read on. We’ll outline what it takes and how much it will cost. We’ll also outline how to get started. Read on for the benefits of becoming a Ceridian Consulting Partner. After you’ve read the benefits, consider becoming a Ceridian Consulting Partner. Langtech Group is one of the leading Ceridian consulting partners. Thousands of business leaders are now using Ceridian Consulting to help them transform their companies.

Steps to become a Ceridian Consulting Partner

Ceridian is a global human capital management software company that provides payroll and benefits solutions and workforce and talent management solutions. Its flagship Dayforce cloud solution combines HR, payroll, and benefits into a single software platform that provides a single solution for human capital management (HCM). Partnering with Ceridian means you’ll have access to proven best practices that will help your clients improve their workforce and talent management processes.

Dayforce Solutions Consultant: Working with Ceridian sales representatives, solution consultants, and partners, you’ll build your business by offering day-force consulting. This hands-on role requires you to analyze competitive and organizational trends, interpret them from multiple perspectives, and deliver proposals that generate new business. In addition, you’ll be able to identify opportunities to provide add-on services, including benefits administration and payroll.


Costs of Ceridian Consulting Partner vary widely, but a few things should be considered before deciding to partner with a consultant. Ceridian charges per employee per month (PEPM), which is midrange compared to competitors. The Ceridian interface is not particularly slick, and there aren’t many built-in integrations to the market, such as with Salesforce. However, Ceridian can build custom integrations with any 3rd-party system, provided it has robust API capabilities.

The Executive may be required to give expert testimony in litigation. Ceridian and the Executive must agree to give this testimony. If you hire a Ceridian executive for consulting services, the company will pay for expenses incurred while providing the opinion. This fee must be mutually agreed upon. If you hire a Ceridian consultant, be sure to carefully review any agreements and fees he or she signs. Ceridian has strict guidelines for its employees, and it is important that these guidelines be adhered to.

Certification. Ceridian has several consulting partners, including Langtech Group, which is the Platinum Certified Ceridian Consulting Partner. The company’s consultants have experience in operational HR, and Langtech offers live online demonstrations of Day force. Ceridian Consulting Partners become dedicated partners with their clients and have extensive knowledge of Ceridian products. They are highly experienced and have excellent reputations in the field. For more information about Ceridian certification, visit the Langtech Group.

Getting started

As part of the Ceridian Consulting Partner Network, People Force is available to provide holistic services to modernize your HR and HCM processes. As a Ceridian System Integrator Partner, they combine the Ceridian HCM solution with deep advisory services. They offer guidance on organizational development, process development, and functional capabilities. People Force can be engaged as a System Integrator or staff augmentation partner. Consultants from People Force bring operational HR experience to the partnership.