Imagine a car without its tyre. Do you think it’s a complete structure? Of course not. Without a tyre, a car is as much incomplete as a garden without plants. The tyres of a vehicle give it support and stability. They allow the vehicle to accelerate or stop. Besides, Car Tyres Wolverhampton offer much more than just acceleration and braking. 

  • Safety: one cannot compromise with safety. A quality tyre ensures your safety regardless of the road condition. It will offer you comfort and stability for handling, steering and cornering. 
  • Supporter of your car: since tyres are only in contact between the vehicle and the surface. They alone bear the weight of the entire vehicle. Depending on the load index they can carry much load. 
  • Better Traction: traction is essential for movement and stopping. Without it, you cant walk sit or write let alone drive a car. A quality tyre also offers better traction that allows the vehicle to move without slipping.
  • Braking forces: the treads on the tyre offer distant braking. Without them, you are at great risk of slipping or colliding with another vehicle.
  • Contact patch: the contact point between the surface and the tyre is its contact patch. Wider the contact patch means better handling and speed rating.
  • Better Gas Mileage: a quality tyre with proper inflation allows the engine to run smoothly. A smooth running engine won’t require an excessive amount of fuel. This means better fuel mileage.
  • Absorb road shocks: the roads are irregular and uneven everywhere. The tyres contain nitrogen gas. This gas act like a spring cushion. It absorbs the excess shock while driving and offers a comfortable driving experience.
  • Better Performance: the tyre is also responsible for the performance of the vehicle. A luxurious car might offer you comfort but it won’t be able to give you performance with the right tyres. 
  • What to look for in a tyre?
    Purchasing a quality tyre is very important as it will decide the kind of ride you are going to enjoy. A poor quality tyre will reduce the chances of your safety. It can also affect the condition and performance of your vehicle. So always purchase a tyre from a reliable source. Yes, we understand tyres are not cheap. But trying to find an easy way will only lead to danger to yourself. 
    • Size: mentioned in the car manual
    • Width of the tyre: gives you speed rating and off-road experience
    • Tread pattern: offer you traction necessary for acceleration and braking. (There are three kinds of tread patterns, symmetric tread pattern, asymmetric tread pattern and directional tread pattern)
    • Seasonal tyre: optimum working in a particular weather condition. (Different seasonal tyres are summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres)
    • Rubber material quality: quality of a rubber material prevents tyres failure
    • Age: a younger tyre is always more efficient than an older and part-worn tyre
  • Maintenance
    The tyres are as delicate but strong too. They need care and maintenance. Maintaining a tyre is a very crucial part of being a car owner. It has its benefits.
    • Maintaining a tyre helps improve its performance.
    • It also helps increase its durability to some extent.
    • Regular maintenance helps you identify the problem before it starts to spread.
    • It helps you keep a record of previous issues with your tyres and the other parts of a vehicle. If you rarely go for maintenance service, it will be difficult to find the problem with your tyre.
    • Maintaining the vehicle also ensures your tyres are in good working condition which means you can drive safely.
    • Regular maintenance also tells you if your tyres are nearly worn out and need replacement. So you get get the replacement before any mishappening.
  • How to maintain a tyre?
    Maintaining a tyre can be a bit tricky. But if done right, it will feel like a piece of cake. 
    • Always keep a check on inflation. Under or overinflation can result in puncture or tyre failure.
    • If gets your tyre is stuck in mud or a pothole, do not spin your tyres excessively. Excessive spinning can also lead to overheating resulting in tyre failure.
    • The tread depth below 1.6 is illegal. So keep a lookout for the tread depth.
    • Uneven wearing can be a sign of improper inflation. Get them checked quickly.
    • Keep checking your tyre for damage, since debris can hurt them badly.
    • Also look for cracks and bruises, that might occur because of the tyre standing still for too long.
    • Also do not try to mount the tyre on your own. You might get its orientation or alignment.
    • Make sure your tyres are clean and do not use polish, shiner or any kind of chemical substance, they will just ruin them.
    • Do not overload your vehicle. Always refer to the size or the sidewall of the Tyres Bushbury to know the correct load index. 

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