Outdoor Physical Activities for Toddlers

Outdoor Physical Activities for Toddlers

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Affordable Kindergarten Near Me: To be healthy and develop, toddlers require 3 hours of vigorous play each day. 1 Little child doesn’t need any encouragement to play around and move around. But giving them a variety of games outdoors makes playing more enjoyable.

Particular toddlers might be inclined to activities requiring gross motor skills, such as running, jumping, and bouncing, while others enjoy messy play or exploring the natural world (Affordable Kindergarten Near Me). Let your child’s interests serve as your guide. These activities may take only around 10 minutes (thanks to their limited attention spans). Be prepared to alternate through several of them during outdoor playtime.

Junior Gardening

Children don’t know the amount of work involved in taking weeds out, digging in the dirt, collecting vegetables, cleaning up porches, sweeping leaves, or replenishing feeders and birdbaths. It’s not chores in the backyard but outdoor fun.

Engage your toddler in tasks that you could complete yourself. You’ll not only aid your toddler to be more active, but you’ll help prepare your child to learn to perform these tasks on their own someday.

Sand Play

If you have an hour or two and some inclination, construct your child an outdoor Sandbox. If that’s not feasible, you can use a large plastic container, or a child’s swimming pool can work.
Give plenty of props such as shovels, cups, Plastic molds, dump trucks, and other vehicles that can move sand around. Sand playing can help your child develop the strength of your hands. This is crucial for school activities like cutting scissors and writing using pencils.

Outdoor Art

Art is typically an activity that is primarily a fine motor exercise; however, if you do it outdoors, it could also be a practice in gross motor skills. Your child will be able to utilize their entire body while coloring with chalk for sidewalks as they will not be restricted to one piece of paper.

Have a go at tracing the bodies of each other in hilarious poses. Take the bucket of water along with some paintbrushes. Let your child draw the fence, driveway or side of the home. You can paint using water spray bottles, as well. If you own an easel, you should consider having it out once some time for a more engaging artistic experience.


There’s no reason to delay until the 4th of July. You and your child can enjoy a parade any time, any time! Get a portable speaker and sing a tune that makes you happy, or pick up some instruments for kids and take a stroll around your backyard or a park all through the block. You can decorate your wheel and ride-on toys (like the balance bicycle or a toddler-friendly scooter) to make your parade more fun.

Scavenger Hunts

Please find a few toys or other things (large eggs made of tiny plastic pieces from sidewalk chalk or even recyclables like clean plastic bottles or egg boxes) and place them in your yard or the vicinity of parks. It is essential to make them easy to find. Please create a list of them using images or drawings of the objects. Please help your child to mark them off as they locate them.


Get some bubble solutions or make your bubbles as well as bubble wands. Then go outside. Young children will love chasing their bubbles and then popping them, and older toddlers can blow them up to test how long they can hold one up floating in the air. Be active, and your toddler will be able to follow.

Obstacle Courses

Use whatever you have on the table, including mats, boxes, or big toys. The toddler could crawl underneath a lawn chair, followed by a run through the grass, make a circle around a stump of a tree, and finally, run across the patio. Once you’ve suggested some options, check to see if your child has any thoughts of their own or would like to challenge you to play yourself.

Sticky Nature Art

Apply a strip of contact paper or press-and seal wrap on an outside wall, or ground, with the sticky side facing up. Your toddler may paint flowers, leaves, or bits of bark and other natural materials on the surface for their art. Be sure to keep these items from the mouth of your toddler. If you wish to save your child’s artwork after it’s completed, you can cover it with another piece of contact paper or seal and press.

Red Light, Green Light

Most youngsters have been in cars or walking through the city streets and have been able to spot the traffic signals and lights. They are starting to comprehend that red is a sign of stopping and green signifies to go. This is a fantastic start-up game for toddlers and anyone of any age can play. It does not matter how old are they, It’s easy to play by stopping and going whenever you say the colors green and red (instead of turning it into the game a contest).

Hide and Seek

Confident children may be scared to hide or be able to locate their hiding place; therefore, be cautious while playing the game. It is also essential to ensure that you can observe and supervise your child while playing outdoors. Although hide and seek is an enjoyable, energetic game that kids love.

Avoid hiding in apparent areas, particularly in the beginning. It is possible to speak about yourself or even sing to assist your toddler in finding your presence. Establish boundaries so that your child won’t go off or hide in a place that is in danger. This can also help your child locate you if you’re the one hiding.

Ball Games

If your child discovers something inside the home and throws it away, consider this the perfect opportunity to get outside to play with balls. If you want to alternate throwing and kicking, make baskets using wooden containers or plastic boxes, and make targets using hoops made of hula.


Walking every day can be an excellent morning, afternoon, or even a night-time routine for your child and you. Even when it’s just a walk through the neighborhood and back, you’ll be closer to satisfying your child’s requirements for the entire day. The walks provide many teaching opportunities, and since the surroundings change daily, there’s never a limit to the number of topics to discuss and discover.

Toys With Wheels

Wheeled toys make an essential outdoor toy. The first-time walkers can build their strength and confidence by using an item that can be pushed like a grocery cart, lawnmower for children or doll stroller. Younger toddlers can play with riding-on toys such as balance bikes, which can aid in preparing them for trikes and bikes with pedals.

Water Play

If the weather is nice, allow your toddler to participate in water play. A child’s pool ( with proper supervision and security with an eye on safety, obviously) or even water play with a sprinkler, hose, and a water-based table will offer plenty of options for your child to move. Water play is another game that toddlers take pleasure in for longer than having fun with their ball; therefore, ensure that it is a regular feature of your schedule whenever you can.

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