19 Must-See Attractions los angeles tourist spots

19 Must-See Attractions los angeles tourist spots

los angeles tourist spots is filled with activities, no matter if you are looking for entertainment in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Santa Monica. If you are planning your next vacation, this is the list that you need to have on hand.

Los Angeles is known for many things, including its entertainment industry and sprawling beaches. It also has a vibrant nightlife scene. If you want to distill LA down to its essentials, it’s crucial to visit the incredible attractions that make it such an amazing city. There are many things to do in LA. You can hike up a mountain or swim in the ocean. As you pack for your LA adventure, be sure to have enough space in your bag for souvenirs, swimming suits, hiking boots, and other accessories.

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Warner Bros Studio Tour

Warner Bros. Studio complex is one the most vibrant and exciting tributes to both old and new Hollywood. Access to iconic sound stages, interactive exhibits, and the locations for your favorite TV shows and films. The tour lasts two hours and includes a stop at Central Perk, Friends and the DC Universe Exhibit. You will also get a comprehensive look at Batmobiles over the years.
You can get an insider’s view into Warner Bros by taking our specially curated Art Tour of LA, which includes a guided street mural tour with a Warner Bros Artist.

Peterson Automotive

Petersen Automotive Museum is the place to be for all motor-lovers, regardless of age. You will find rotating exhibits that make sure no two trips are ever the same. Additionally, there are many events to keep your interest piqued behind a wheel. The Vault has 250 additional rare and unusual cars on display. This is one of the most fascinating parts of the museum.

La Brea Tar Pits

The La Brea Tar Pits can be interpreted as an archaic marvel or an oddity in nature. But, whatever your opinion, they are a wonderful place to meet someone. As asphalt continues to seep through cracks in the ground, it will also be possible to watch archaeologists excavating fossils. If you are lucky enough, you might find the remains of a wooly Mammoth while you’re there. After the walk, enjoy dinner at one famous food truck along Wilshire Boulevard. El Chato Taco Truck attracts crowds from far and near for their award-winning tacos and quesadillas.

OUE Skyspace

OUE Skyspace is located 69 feet above the ground in downtown LA. It’s the ideal place to get an overview of the whole city. Access to breathtaking views all day, interactive displays and informative movies about the city are just a few of the many amenities that the OUE Skyspace offers. There’s also a bar offering local beer, wine, and snacks. A glass slide takes you down to a lower level while helicopters buzz among the nearby skyscrapers. OUE Skyspace organizes events throughout the year. These include movie screenings, sunrise and sunset yoga, as well as a variety of holiday parties.

Natural History Museum

This museum in Downtown LA is a must-see if you are a dinosaur lover. The Natural History Museum was established in Exposition Park in 1913. It now houses over 35,000,000 artifacts.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

los angeles tourist spots County Museum of Art (LACMA), is the country’s largest art museum. LACMA is home to some of the best art collections, including Latin, Asian, and Islamic pieces. The Urban Lightinstallation is also visible outside. These 202 cast-iron antique street lamps have been restored and are now lighting Wilshire Boulevard. LACMA is centrally located between downtown los angeles tourist spots (the beach) and Los Angeles (the city).

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