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Hello dear author; andreas25.com is a blog posting community where you can submit your quality write-ups to get published.

We welcome guest writers who are passionate about writing and complete their work with full dedication.

Andreads.com is a growing website that invites guest writers to contribute to their success.

Our vision is to make a virtual global community of writers and readers who share new ideas, solve common problems and motivate each other through quality write-ups.

To achieve this goal, we need quality write-ups consistently. Read further paras and our community guidelines to get a clear understanding of our website.

Benefits of guest posting and why you should write for us?

Guest posting is highly beneficial for both writers and publishers. It has the following benefits:

For Publisher:

  • Publishers get quality content that is appropriate to their audience’s taste.
  • The more applicants for guest writes, the higher the chance of getting desirable and fresh content for the audience.
  • It increases the website’s traffic because of the consistent posting of content.

For writers:

  • The publisher’s audience becomes aware of the writer, and if they like the content, they can become the writer’s regular readers.
  • Posting content on high-quality websites certifies the writer’s writing that it has the potential to be read by a large number of people.
  • Once a publisher’s readers start liking guest-post writers’ content, they can become permanent paid writers for the website.

These were some prominent guest posting benefits that will transfer to both parties.

After reading the benefits, you must be sure to go for guest post writing, but there is a question: whom should you write to?

List of categories in which we accept guest posting:

Writing has numerous categories, and we accept and publish a post in most of them; for your easiness, we are giving the list of our prominent categories:

  • News
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Travelling
  • Politics
  • Current affairs
  • Technology
  • Social media updates
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Reviews
  • Home décor
  • Sport
  • CBD
  • Healthcare
  • Food

We hope you now have the idea of primary categories, and you can start writing after reading our community guidelines.

Our community guidelines which every author needs to follow to get their post published:

Include only well-researched content:

The inclusion of well-researched content is a must nowadays to hold the audience; you have to do good research before writing the content.

Most people think that research takes a lot of time because of that reason they generally avoid researching independently and take content from other articles only.

But searching online has become easier thanks to Google smart search results and search filters.

Now you just need to be aware of all the tools and search algorithms to get an effective result in less time.

It will make your content quote-worthy and generate more readership and bring traffic to the website.

Make your post in-depth:

An in-depth post means it should cover all necessary information about the topic that a reader would like to know.

By making your article in-depth, you are holding the audience for a longer time on your post and also attracting fresh readers by providing all major information in one place.

However, making an in-depth article doesn’t mean adding unnecessary facts and data to increase the length of your post.

There shall not be any grammatical error in your content:

The readership of an excellent piece of content with grammatical errors will be affected because of it.

Irrespective of the language in which you are writing, having the sound knowledge of grammar of that language is a must to gain the reader’s trust.

Many people will consider your post fake or not-so-credible if it contains multiple errors related to grammar.

Minimal errors are unidentifiable in normal reading; they can be found if someone deliberately wants to detect grammar mistakes which is not a usual case except when doing academic writing.

Nowadays, many people use smart tools to detect and correct language mistakes.

Submit only plagiarism free content: originality is a must;

As a blog post community, we are keen to publish unique and plagiarism-free content that is not copied from other articles.

Everyone likes originality, and we are not an exception. However, making original content is hard and not everyone’s cup of tea; that’s why writers are called creative people.

So make sure you are sending us unique content that is completely plagiarism free to get published on our website.

Don’t use spinner tools for content generation:

There are some tools that can generate low-quality content; they are called spinner tools.

Spinner tools spin the original content of an article with other complex words that have a similar meaning to the original ones.

But the problem is that they make your content unreadable by breaking its flow and compiling unnecessary hard words into it.

One can identify spin content by simple reading only, and we, as a blog post community, don’t publish it.

Add feature image:

Including a featured image is a must to get your post published on our website; it shall be copyright free and relevant to the content.

If you cannot find an appropriate image as per your post, don’t worry; our team will help you out and try to arrange it for you.

In addition, the placement of related links and videos that can make your content easy to understand is highly appreciable.

What is the word limit. and how many external links are allowed?

In general, we don’t accept posts below 1000 words, and writers are allowed to write up to 3000 words in a single guest post.

However, these are general limits; we can adjust them for quality content if \ content demands a higher or lesser word limit.

Authors are allowed to add a maximum 2 external links to a blog post.

Guest post submission

You would be required to send us an email containing your guest post on the email id below. You shall mention the email subject precisely for unambiguous identification of your content.

After reading the whole “write for us” page, if there is still any query left. You can clear your doubts by sending mail.

Email id: info@andreas25.com